A glimpse of you
Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: I saw an old crush driving his car the other day, and so I wrote this.
Tell me if you guy/gals like it all right? Don't forget to read and review.

I caught a glimpse of you yesterday
After years of being away
I could clearly see your handsome face
But the words I couldn't say

You hadn't even noticed me
That hurt me down to the core
I wanted to shout out your name
But I really don't know what for

Yes, how I longed to talk to you
And gaze into your eyes again
I wanted things to be as they were
To the time when we were friends

My feet never moved an inch
My heart felt a familiar pain
I closed my eyes ever so tightly
Refusing to cry again

I turned around and left you behind
Maybe it's better this way
I knew that I never had the courage
To say what I wanted to say

So I left you once again
I wonder if you knew I was there
I turned around to get one last glimpse
And all I could was stare

As you drove away from me
You finally turned my way
Our eyes connected for just a second
But you still drove away

Did you even notice me
Know exactly who I was
Did you get frightened too
Or was it just because

Did you leave because you hated me
Did you leave because you were unsure
So I left, feeling broken once again
But there's nothing that I could do

So I'll tuck this event in my memory forever and ever
I'll remember how handsome you turned out to be
You'll make some girl really happy someday
It's too bad that it won't be me.