Gentle cries of morning doves upon the gifted air,
Intertwined with a child's gleeful laugh,
The bright blue sky and puffy clouds,
The grass of emerald green,
May flowers blowing in the softened breeze.

Tears of heavens fall upon me,
And soak through my battered soul,
Washing away the hurt and pain of life's malignant hold,
My smiles and my songs weave with the calls of birds,
Brightening the suns blessed glow spilling over all.

Rose kisses of His angels soft upon my cheeks,
The whispering wind and sparkling stars,
Make up their voices and twinkling eyes,
Of this I see each earthly day,
A gift to those who survive the lies.

Brush of enfolding midnight black,
Blanketing me with loneliness and fear,
Hiding secrets in twisted shadows,
Intensifying normal sounds,
The secret blackness of the night.

Caress of the morning sun,
Touching eyes and silky skin,
Promising another day of enduring my existence,
Among life's secret, hidden joys,
Lost among a man made darkness.