In my mind, things are so different...

We are in love, and we're together
We do things that lovers do
We kiss, we hug, and we argue and make up
And I never go a single day without you

We are the envy of the town
For our love is true, and grows each day
I fall in love with you each passing second
And you do the same, much to every man's dismay

Every time that we kiss, every time we touch
The chemistry between us just flows
And every time you're upset
You come to me and I kiss away your woes

But these things are only illusions
Merely dreams of a heart broken man
These things will never come true
Because you said that you truly love your man

And so, I live in a fantasy
Trying to forget the world's harsh truth.
Trying to choke back my tears
... And finally take a step off the roof.