I don't mind the bugs crawling over my bare legs,
Pulled up close under my chin
They are only seeking shelter from the storm that I am savoring
I don't mind the cold stinging my skin
It's the closest thing I'll get to a kiss for a while
..Perhaps the rain will wash away this image of those gorgeous blue eyes
I crave to be watching.
The raindrops that have gathered on the rose's soft petals are entrancing
The tiny pools are reflecting my misery
I don't mind the blood that a thorn has freed
It mingles down the thick stem with mother nature's tears
My heart breaks when the drops no longer bounce off the driveway
The silence that comes after the rain is mocking me
Why am I the one who has to go back into that house?
I just want to stay out here for ever and cease with the rain
I'd die out here rather then go back inside and face the silenced telephone
And to stare at a bedroom wall that I've already memorized
It will seem all to long before the next rain storm
The next excuse to live again

A/N: I wrote this sitting under a big tree back in my woods. WOW! AMAZING!
You all didn't need to know that but I just saying that this isn't my best
poem.I don't know, tell me what you think.