Why do you persist?
Why do you continue?
I told you you lost me
As a friend, as a companion
And yet,
You want to mend things between us


You finally regret what you've done
You now know the consequences
Of accusing a proud man
Of actions he did not do
You now know how it feels
To live without me as a friend


You and I were great friends, true
But nothing I will ever miss
Or anything I'll lose sleep over
I don't need you
The way you now need me


I helped you, as a friend
I gave you company
When others even saw you
I helped you in your studies
When the teacher never saw you struggle
I thought I'd be a good guy
For once
And look what you done


I guess you're happy now
Giving my number to freaks
Accusing me of loving you
When all I ever tried to do
Is to help some one in need
Like you were
I guess you were a fool


You say you're sorry
Will that erase
All the nuisance calls I got?
All the hate in me for you?
For you accusations?
For you bitching?


You can go away now
Get away from me
I don't want a friend like you
But before you cry for forgiveness again
Let me give you one hint

Don't jump to conclusions

I never loved you
And I never will

And now

I'll waste a breath
On you again.
Goodbye for ever
You'll find no forgiveness from me