Renegade (Serenade the Moonlight)

Lock and load
It time to go
Time to break the cycle
Spin the guns round and round
My aim is straight
And my vision is clear
Who do I think I am?
I am the renegade

Someone called me a deviant
Someone called me different
Damn right
I'm a believer
But just because I have Jesus
Jesus hanging on my wall
It doesn't mean I'm saved
Because salvation is in the music
So preach me a serenade

An anthem to the night
So long and sweet and right
Shadows dancing moon glistening
The wolves howling silence listening
Its time to fade away
Its time to fade away
I Serenade the moonlight
I Serenade the moonlight
In its glory
In its glory
Don't tell me nothing's wrong
I'm singing victory's song
And by morning
I fade away