Proud and Mighty

We are the proud, we are the mighty, red white and blue,
united we stand, divided we fall, this is America, the
stars with the bars. The greatest country around the
world, whom has the power to start or end all wars. Yet
here we are once again fighting a gight we have no business
in. Yes they struck first, we had to strike back, but we've
hit them already, took revenge for our lost, still we linger
in this far off land. For we are the proud and mighty
Americans, our ways are right and all others wrong. So why
shouldn't we teach them our ways? These countries haven't
existed for thousands of years before there was even a great
United States. Theese countries don't have their own culture
engrained in their lives. These countries haven't adapted to
their surroundings to survive . Oh wait, yes they have. These
countries have existed, lived, and survived for all these years
without the American way. Yet we the pround and the
mighty have gone ahead to decide that these people must
changeor they shall all lose their lives. Now it makes me
wonder, as I sit here in thought, why we do this with
even a second thought. We the proud and mighty Americans.