Please don't leave me alone.
That's all I ask.
Please don't leave me to fend for myself,
In a world so dark.

Please don't cover my cuts with salt,
Don't rub vinegar into the wound,
It hurts so much already,
It has chosen my heart to consume.

Please don't turn your back,
Please don't turn away,
I thought you said you loved me,
That you'd forever stay.

Please don't clip of my wings,
Don't give them back to god,
For only with them can I fly,
To be free, and not misunderstood.

Please don't leave without any light,
Don't leave me in the dark,
For although the night cannot hurt me,
It's not of the night which harms.

So I beg you please! Once again,
Don't leave me all alone,
For my heart cannot stand the silence,
Of the graveyard and its bones.

By Siobhan
Date: 19/may/2004