"Observe the child with the raven tresses,
the black Calistian mark, the unfathomable sorrel tinted eyes
She is our presage, our Legacy, our prophecy,
The Brotherhood shall live on through her blood ties.
Satan's own child shall show us the way,
She will be the death of mankind.
And as demons shall rule the world once more
The empress she shall be of Time"

I'm not your normal average teenage girl.
I am human to look at. That's for sure. Some of you might even consider me beautiful...
And you should.
You see, I belong to the most powerful clan of all time.
The Brotherhood of the Demons.
Yes, I am a demon.

And not just any demon.

I am Satan's, the Prince of Darkness's own child.
And as I am a girl they made an exception for me.
Yes, I am irresistible....and deadly....

I kill, like my brothers and sisters, on impulse...and the very being of your existence is wiped away when I kill.
Your family or friends would have never known you.
I erase your past even as I drink your blood and taste your flesh.
All demons do. And I am special.

Cruelty is in my veins, my blood, my soul. I give new meaning to the word 'dark'.

I preside over the Brotherhood.

Yes, I am certainly their leader.

For I am the very eve of destruction.

What is the Brotherhood, you ask?

The Brotherhood is everywhere.

The good looking guy sitting next to you in math class...
Your cute girlfriend...
Even the prefect everyone crushes on...

Oh, you know the kind...we bat our eyelashes, speak in that way you categorize as awesome and are idols that all of you look up to and want. Want in a way that can only be lust.

Lust we accept...lust we need as a means to survive.

Never ever even by a freak mistake fall in love with one of us... Humans are our prey. We are lethal weapons taught...mastered...to kill... And if a demon is on your trail...you have no where to run... No where to hide....until the demon consumes you...tears you limb from limb....

We lust for flesh as mortals do for love and sex...

And yet, there are times when these rules can be broken.

When WE fall in love...

But that is something that is wrong...for how can demons know love?

I was not always like this...there was a time when I had hopes...and dreams...like all foolish mortals...but those changed when they found me and I became what I am...

I love being what I am...

And I am a monster...

Beware of The Brotherhood.

Beware of Satan, our master, our creator...my father.

And most of all