"Mistaken Identity"
(This is dedicated to: Kingdom Identity Ministries In Harrison, Arkansas, Dr.
Wesley Swift and white supremacists everywhere)

Your heritage?

Defenders of the faith,
With the truth against the world?

Church of Jesus Christ,
Seed line doctrinal statement,
Christian bible references,
Yashua the Messiah,
Biblical truths waiting to be revealed?

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet,
And a light unto my path.
Instill thy faith in me,
I will instill thy bloodbath.

We pray to Lord, Jesus Christ,
Deliver us into evil.

Conquer we must,
For our cause is just,
We simply live to love to hate people.

It is the people, who follow these structures,
I wish harm upon my every waking moment.

You claim your bible,
The Turner Diaries,
The ultimate white supremacist enlightenment,
To be the Holy Doctrine and the torch of knowledge.

You wish harm upon all those who oppose you,
Those who aren't equal to you,
Those who aren't anything like you.

You hide behind the elusive crucifix of a mighty Jesus Christ,
Believing J.C. will fight your fight if you burn his cross right,
Bringing to all the negroes a more tolerable light,
Never ending the wrong or the right,
Just worsening our plight.

You follow The Divine Law,
Kill all who stray from your path,
Condemn those who poison it,
With reason, logic, love and equality.

You murder and condemn innocent homosexuals,
For loving their partners and feeling a general sense of pride about their well-
Smiling happily as you get the feeling you have a right,
To tell me not to love another man if I so desire.

You murder and condemn innocent blacks,
For tainting your territory you brought them unto,
Telling them to 'GO BACK HOME!' when your ancestors brought them here
kicking and screaming on your broken slave ships.

You murder and condemn innocent Jews and Asians,
Because of their history and genealogy,
Blaming them for the life and death of Jesus and horrible crimes against

You murder and condemn whites,
Who don't choose to follow your ass backward philosophy about an extremist,
right wing, Christian conservative neo-Nazi America,
Calling us the ignorant ones,
Whilst you hoist your hoods and cowls shouting,
'God Hates Faggots'.

You condemn and murder,
Because you think God wants you to.

Well isn't it about time somebody murdered you,
Simply because,
You hate everybody and everything for unjustifiable reasons?

And who would care when they found out you died?
Your Nazi brethren?
Your pastors and priests?
Your ignorant, distasteful family?

Fuck them,
And fuck you!

You spill the blood of the innocent and spit on the heritage of others,
Dragging lifeless bodies through the street,
Burning crosses at your feet,
Spreading Hitler's drawn out, and since frozen, flame and heat.

It is you and yours whom I wish these deaths upon.

I want one person of every race,
Even yours,
Sympathetic to my aim,
To come and claim,
Their favorite body parts from your bodies,
And fly them from posts and pipes of pride just as you fly your Stars & Bars,
Never second guessing the hidden truths that flag represents,
While slurping your beer, gluttonous with cruelty and fear.

Fuck you,
Fuck your ideology
Fuck the Christian Identity Movement and everyone involved in it.

I hope you die at the hands of your conspirators,
With fear in your body,
And hate in your soul,
With hellfire steaming every backward thought in your mind.

Your ideology is as idle as the dead bodies you've created,
Lifeless and vague,
Understood by few, if any.

I will wage war upon the few,
Who think and believe just as you.

In the name of Martin Luther King,
In the name of Malcolm X,
In the name of Che Guevara,
In the name of righteousness,
In the name of freedom and in liberty and in mother fucking common sense,
You will die,
At the hands,
Of the many and proud,
The righteous and loud,
The chorus of angels,
Sirens of infinity,
The Christian Identity,
Will drown in the blood and tears of my fellow friends and enemies.

And I can't wait to see your face,
At those mother fucking diamond gates.

When your time has come to an end,
A crooked fate to match crooked hate,
An end of all things while we happily send,
Your collective souls into enlightenment.

Welcome to our Anti-Identity,
Welcome to your bittersweet embrace.