The sudden almighty force of a wild, unleashed River Tiger loudly resonated over the large cliffs and fell furiously into the valleys of Videralt.
Out, from behind a large weathered boulder, came a peculiarly shaped ferret, slightly bulging around the stomach. It has a strange look, gaunt around the face but stout in the lower body. The ferret looked around at the rushing spray of the just- passed River Tiger.
"So you have completed you commands, Furcus; the River Tiger is well and truly unleashed," a voice of shadow blandly stated behind the ferret. It eagerly squeaked. "Get up, Furcus. Surely it isn't nice to crawl around on your belly for days," the voice drawled. Another squeak came from the ferret. It seemed to nod its head and then, the ferret started to stretch. Its skin was bubbling, and then his legs started to lengthen and thicken. Even his nose was transforming into a gnarled stump of skin and bone. When Furcus finally arose, he looked up at the towering being in front of him and bowed his head.
"Surely, Furcus, you could have changed into a skin that was more resemblance of whose side you are on! Something instead of. a pitiful ferret!" the shadow sneered, a coarse laugh edging out of the side of wherever his mouth was.
"My intent is not to be seen, lord," Furcus said. He had transformed into the body of a great lion, an enlarged weathered human face rested on his shoulders, scarred and wretched.
"The last Tectain? He is dead now, I presume?" the shadow asked. Furcus lowered his head and looked at his claws.
"N-n-no my lord. I could not find. her. She disappeared from the Tectyr's camp! Fursel and the other shapechangers looked for days but to no result, my lord," he muttered into his furry breast.
"Her.! Her? Her!" the shadow whispered. Furcus knew that he was on dangerous grounds by the very low tone of his master's voice. "How could you not kill a she-Tectain? They are as weak as common humans!" He spat.
"Begging your pardon, my lord, but she, sh-. they are not. They are all skilled with the bow and the blade, just as the he-Tectains are. They would be a fair match for any lion, my lord! All of them but one fell at our hands," he muttered, looking up at his master.
"And why did you let this insufferable girl escape? Is she no different?" the shadow dangerously billowed in the wind, towering even more above the cowering shapechanger.
"She has the strength of any one of us! I believe that she is the daughter of the chief. Her clothes were rich; her sword was charmed. I notice she had the sane insignia on her circlet as the chief did on his," Furcus pushed a claw through his own skin, as if it was water, and drew out a large circlet, silver, crowned in the middle with a large Onyx and an opal on either side. In the middle of the onyx was carved a small sign, a mountain with a crossed sword and bow holding a protective barrier over it.
"And this is the chief's circlet?" the shadow asked.
"Yes," Furcus whispered, scratching his neck impatiently with one of his hind legs.
"You are to find this daughter of the Tectyr, I wish to have her crown as a new cuff!" the shadow roared, showing what seemed to be a wrist, adorned with a sickening amount of Tectyr circlets.
"She is nowhere to be found, lord!" Furcus protested.
"I care not! You are to bring her to me!" the shadow bellowed.

Both strange creatures silenced for a considerable amount of time. The shadow then spoke again,
"Now, tell me of this daughter of the Tectyr," the shadow stated.
"She is tall, and has the dark looks that any Tectain would have." Furcus raised an eyebrow. "Extremely pale skin. dark hair, dark features. Didn't see much else apart from that circlet she wore," he finished.
"Interesting." The shadow replied. "Away with you! Find this daughter of the Chief! Negotiations need to be made about the welfare of Videralt and the other lands without the protection of the Tectyr. With a little persuasion, the magic of that damned tribe and my power can rule this place once and for all!! She shall become one of us!" the shadow roared, laughing mercilessly again. "Away with you at once! Bring back this girl alive!"
"As you will, lord." Furcus replied, bounding into the settled river spray and then into the landscape.
The shadow watched as the shape changer Furcus disappear into the air and then swallowed himself in the shadow world once more.