Demonic Revelation: Rebirth


Rain never stopped pouring that night; it came down in heavy sheets, threatening to drown anyone who dared look up into the sky. Tarps and other materials that blocked rain were hung over street corners shielding storefronts and street vendors from the falling water, allowing them to continue business in a dry area.

Clok, clok, clok, clok, clok. A woman's heels echoed loudly down the street as she traveled home, intent on getting her evening off without a hitch. For a divorced woman who taught ninth grade at the local high school, she was doing rather well. Such a young woman too, that had to suffer through this rain, sheets of it cascading off of her umbrella.

She strolled past an alleyway, carrying the umbrella in one hand, and a briefcase in the other, trying to keep the majority of her beautiful being from becoming wet. She stopped however, to turn her head, for she had happened upon a noise reaching out in the street.

It was a small whimper, and the woman listened for it again, but this time a much louder groan came, and she headed into the alleyway to see what event was taking place.

Wisps of blonde hair fell from a bun held with pencil as she quickened her pace.

"Sir? …Ma'am?" She peered into the darkness, trying to get a glimpse of what was making the sounds. She knew that the sounds were too human to be an animal, and she plodded on through the deep puddles looking for whoever was back there.

Suddenly she saw her. A woman, her hair and clothes thoroughly soaked through with the rain. A blank look in her eyes, her ebony hair snaking down in menacing locks across her face.

Looking down, the blonde woman held the umbrella over the dark haired woman as she whimpered again. She was pregnant, several months into the pregnancy it seemed.

A hand reached up, and fell to the blonde woman's shoulder. With what seemed to be her dying breath, the woman opened her mouth to speak as it seemed, but what came out weren't words, but rather... a soul.

The gasp that the blonde haired woman let out enabled the soul to enter her own body, sharing her body, her organs, and her mind. As soon as the pale blue aura had slipped into her being, the blonde haired woman began to change. Her intentions were not to save the dying, pregnant woman lying almost lifeless in front of her being, but to consume.

A ravenous hunger flooded her mind, her stomach growling, groaning for the blood of that woman to pass between the body's lips.

She got on her knees, pulling the woman up toward her, looking over what must have been a beautiful face before she had unfortunately gotten caught up in the city, before she had become what she was then, a lost soul in the corrupt metropolis of Heaven City.