Demonic Revelation: Rebirth

Chapter the Second: d e m o n

He was still in a small bit of shock over everything that was happening at that moment. The environment around him was being ravaged, torn asunder by the elements, which were under the beck and call of his formerly blonde teacher, May Ara Kiyoka, who now insisted he call her "Akikawa Akitoya".

"You're a skilled young person." Her words shocked him, for they had been standing still so long that his mind had begun to wander. "Is it too bold of me to ask of you, what do they call you?"

Tornado was frozen for a moment. He didn't know what to do, what to say. She knew him, why would she need to know? He opened his mouth to ask when she spoke first.

"Stop thinking of me as her. I am not her. Therefore, I must take it upon myself to get to know you... before I kill you." A smile crossed her lips, and for a second, Tornado felt something strange; masculinity radiating from the feminine body of May Ara Kiyoka. "I'll only ask you once more. What do they call you? I'd like to be able to put a name to the face and body that survived longer than most."

"T-Tornado." He felt sick to his stomach, like he was about to drop to the concrete beneath his feet and vomit until he couldn't anymore. This was the first time... the first time that he'd felt fear like this. He had stood before the brink of death before, but right at this very moment was the only time he felt that he could truly be looking the Reaper in the eye.

"An interesting name. Not one person in my past has had a name like yours. You are a unique in my mind. It's a shame that you have death awaiting you." Akikawa stepped forward, slowly, seductively, as if the darkness exuded a sensuousness upon all that it touched. Without notice, the walk became a dash, and an extended hand, with sharp nails outstretched.

Tornado stumbled at the sudden rush of movement in his way, he was still feeling nauseous, and as the nails came toward him he turned a ghastly white.

But the nails did not pierce his flesh. He couldn't feel them, but he felt fingers firmly grasping his head, a grip so firm that he knew this arm could crush his head within a second. He didn't say anything, he didn't move at all, just felt his temples throbbing against the hand holding him. There was nothing to see either, since the palm of Akikawa covered his eyes. The only thing to hear was his own terrified breath slipping in and out, and the calmly drawn breath of Akikawa.

In a sudden rush of hair he was thrown, he first, over the shoulder of the woman that used to be his teacher. The speed at which he was traveling was unknown to him, but was bringing him toward the edge of the roof quickly.

But instead of going over and careening to his death hundreds of feet below, he saw Akikawa in front of him, a wicked grin on her face. Before he could deduce what was happening, he was sent screaming back toward the center of the roof. The side of his head felt swollen, and warm, but he just couldn't place what was happening. It was just too fast.

Just before he was midway, he felt another shock to his system, but this time he was going straight up into the air, feeling it rip through his hair as his back pulsated. Again, he couldn't determine what was going on.

Before two seconds passed he was on the roof, his stomach throbbing, causing him to convulse in pain. There was no way for him to know if he had actually been beaten around in the air or not, it was just too fast to tell. From the way his body ached though... with only three hits... or was it more?

"I see you're still alive." Akikawa's voice resounded in his head, and he struggled to sit up, to locate where she was. "You're either a brilliant child who knows how to take hits, or I have a while to go before I'm up to my full strength."

Tornado finally found the strength to sit up half a minute later, holding his abdomen and breathing heavily. If "he" didn't come soon... Tornado was as good as a dead. He found that Akikawa was standing on the very ledge of the roof, the barrier that "kept" things from falling over.

Turning her head, she smiled at him, a dark smile, riddled with seductive qualities. Turning her head back to face forward, she leapt into the air, turning backwards, her eyes on him the whole time. Mid-flip, she spun so that it became a front flip, and proceeded to land.

Before her feet touched the ground, however, Tornado sprung forward. Both hands came from his pocket, in the left, headphones, in the right, the Mini Disc player. After jamming the headphones on to Akikawa's ears, he pressed his thumb down on the Mini Disc Player, pumping up the volume and bass of the current song.

Akikawa reeled backward and Tornado continued on to leapfrog her. After stumbling, she turned, trying ferociously to rip the headphones from her ears, screeching into the air as the sounds irritated her.

Tornado quickly turned, and ran back toward her, not even showing the slightest bit of happiness that he could use this opportunity to the ultimate advantage. Reaching for his other pocket, he grabbed and pulled out his trademark item. Everyone that saw him knew him for carrying this, besides carrying his messenger bag, which was now in a corner on the other side of the roof. Holding the can of red spray paint in front of him, he didn't spray it until he was point blank, when she opened her eyes to the scent of it.

Red coated her vision, and she screamed in so high a pitch, the teen before her felt as if his eardrums were bursting. The paint coated her like smeared and splattered blood, running from her now shut eyes like tears, sticking to her hair, which was sticking to her face in her panic. She spat as the paint touched her teeth, but none of her actions were concentrated, they were the first thing that came to her mind, as if a spider had touched her skin. Her first reactions, to claw around and spit and lash out were doing nothing, and made Tornado see that no matter how powerful, people always had weaknesses.

Pulling his hand back, and tossing the can aside, he proceeded to make a fist, and concentrated on hitting his hardest. After a short breath, which Akikawa heard and lifted her head to, he slammed his fist into her abdomen, immediately feeling the resilient fabric of her clothing pushing back, but he pushed on with his punch until he was sure he made a solid hit.

The ebony tendrils of the woman before him flailed about as she keeled forward in disbelief. Her proud aura disconcerted, she coughed and groaned in pain when a knee connected with her stomach. Being hit like this, like a... commoner was debasing to her character. In an attempt to remove herself from susceptibility, she tried to pitch forward into a roll, but felt Tornado's clasped hands come down onto her in an axe.

She hit the floor, and it was then that she knew that wasn't at her full power, and was far from it. If she was feeling pain like a normal human, it would take years to gain back that power. But she still had the elementals to use to her advantage.

Standing slowly, she turned and smiled, then chuckled to herself. Seeing the fierce determination in the young boy's eyes, however, she stopped. Those eyes; they reminded her of someone, someone she had known millennia ago.

When he began running toward her, it was different however, the deep red that shone on everything because of the paint didn't affect how she viewed his eyes. It was if she was seeing normally, but only on that spot. As he came closer, she rose a hand and up from the roof came a stalagmite. She smiled. It was sure to be over, at his speed, it would've been impossible to stop, or dodge it, and at it's speed it was sure to have impaled him. She rose her head to look at the top of the crude, frigid obelisk, but her eyes never met with the top.

A fist slammed into her stomach with such force that it caused her to stumble backward rather quickly, then fall onto her back with a horrible crack as her head hit the concrete roof. She bounced once, and as she hit the ground again, another flash of white came to her paint slathered eyes. But with this bounce several things left her, hurling themselves up into the air, one whizzing by Tornado's head, blowing back his hair.

There were no holes in Akikawa's flesh nor clothes, suggesting that these things were vastly ephemeral, and couldn't be touched by human hands.

Or so the raven haired boy thought until he heard a ring from his left side. Looking over quickly, he saw a condensed form of what had left Akikawa's body so suddenly. An sphere, or rather, an orb, glowing with a green light, but crackling with blue streaks of lightning at certain intervals. It seemed to emanate the same sound Akikawa's hand had when she charged him with the blue "flame."

By now, Akikawa had stood, barely able to stand on her feet, and looked at the boy, wondering why was he looking away, away from Akikawa Akitoya. Then she saw it. After turning her head, and catching a glimpse of the green swirling inside of the orb, and the blue crackling around it. Her eyes went wide and she gasped, then looked at him, and saw him returning her gaze, obviously having heard her deep gasp. Her chest began to fluctuate, and she could feel her heart palpitating wildly against her sternum, hurting her with what she was realizing.

She turned and began to run at the same time that he did, but he pumped his legs as hard as he could, and then redoubled his efforts as they raced for the seemingly magical orb in front of them. His arms counterbalanced his legs, working back and forth as he pushed himself through the air toward the prize.

Akikawa leapt forward in a dive, attempting to get into the path of the young boy, but really trying to reach the sphere in front of her. She smiled at her triumph, having reached it first, but felt herself being jerked backward while she was still in the air.

Tornado had grabbed onto her shoulder as she passed in front of his dive, and used her to pull himself further forward. He elicited a sound of effort as he slammed his right hand down onto the orb, and took hold of it, landing on top of the demon that was inhabiting his teacher's body.

She let out a roar as he landed on top of her and quickly rolled off, putting distance between them. Standing, and holding her ribs, she growled, "It's okay, I didn't need that anyway. But it turns out that I still win."

"You shouldn't lie to yourself. I'm the one with this," Tornado held up the orb to show her, it was roughly the size of a baseball, and was being cradled in his palm.

"But, young one. I am the one with the expertise on how to use it. Without knowledge of it, you can't tap into its infinite powers." Akikawa smiled to herself, then held up her right hand. "Besides, having learned from it, I don't need it to use the power, and I have even more tricks up my sleeves."

The teen swallowed hard. Who was he to take on this by himself? If he tried for it, he was far enough away from her that he could get into the elevator with ease. Seeing as nobody would be using it, it would stay at the roof level, allowing him to hop in and close the doors quickly. He wasn't one to run, but seeing as he couldn't win this battle; it would be his best choice of action.

He turned and ran like he had before, holding the orb tightly until he was close enough to jam his thumb into the down button for the elevator. He turned to face Akikawa while he was doing this, to see how much time he had before she was upon him, but she wasn't there anymore. He turned back to the elevator to run in and backpedalled when his nose almost touched hers.

She grabbed him by his shirt collar and threw him to her right, towards the edge of the roof. Eyes open wide this time, he wasn't surprised when she appeared in front of him and kicked him back toward the center of the roof. He put his hands up to block the hit however, and was prepared to land and run back toward the elevator when he felt her foot connect with his back, knocking him up into the air. When he was high enough he was knocked back and forth repeatedly, by the blur that was Akikawa. He finally felt some relief when he hit the ground.

Lying there, he turned his head to the side and coughed up blood before looking up and seeing who was standing over him.

Akikawa smiled darkly upon looking down into his eyes. The red paint was gone, and she could see clearly again, but it was a wonder how she could've done everything else with the paint still in her eyes. She placed a booted foot onto Tornado's chest and laughed in triumph. "There's no possible way that you would fight back now."

"Eat hot lead, bitch." The premise to a searing hot .575 caliber round of plasma hit Akikawa in the shoulder, causing her to spin and fall in a crumpled heap.

"Sorry I took so long." From on top of the elevator leapt a tall man in a dark trenchcoat. The many pockets looked loaded with various objects that could not be seen through the dark fabric. A green turtleneck and black pants could be seen underneath the trenchcoat, as his large boots crossed the roof toward Tornado. "Don't worry, she won't be getting up."

The man stood over Tornado, shoulder length white hair flowing in the wind. He extended a hand covered in the same brown fur that his face and body were covered in, and pulled the teen boy up when he grabbed it.

Raising a hand to hit the bell that was attached to Blaze's collar, he stated, "No more cat naps, eh, Vincent? Or was it... tea time?" He dusted himself off and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

"A Brit is he?" Akikawa stated from behind the two, startling them. "Didn't expect me to get back up, did you?" Brushing her shoulders off, she smiled, "You didn't actually think that I got hit, now did you? Acting comes in very handy... I told you I had several tricks up my sleeves. Time manipulation is one of them."

"Did you like that?" She said from behind them, and before they could turn they fell to their knees holding their stomachs. "Of course, without my full powers, I'm only able to slow it down immensely. Or you could just say I'm moving at one thousand times your speed."

"Vincent... shoot..." Tornado feel forward onto his face, gasping for air. "Use the.. Big one..."

"Right." The demi-human cat stood and reached for the holster on his side. Turning he pulled the longest gun used with one hand in existence. The two foot barrel had several cooling units, and so it could be guessed that something very hot traveled through it. Vincent opened the back of the midnight blue weapon, and loaded in one shell, even though it looked to hold three.

"What can this weapon possibly do? I can simply move faster than it can fire. I can move fast enough to make it hit you." Akikawa crossed her arms and smiled darkly once more, but seeing no change in Vincent's face, began to question his sanity. "What do you think-"

"Awaken from your thousand years slumber to aid the living! Burning Crimson Dragon! Salamander!!!" Vincent pulled the trigger and fired a stream of concentrated, swirling plasma fire toward Akikawa, taking her by surprise. His hair and trenchcoat blew in the explosion caused by the firing, and steam hissed from the cooling units as they spun to trigger the firing.

Within split seconds a dragon formed from the flame while Akikawa was encircled in it, stopping her from using her ability. Salamander rose into the sky, causing a burning blaze to shoot forth from the ground that Akikawa stood on. Almost as soon as he had appeared, Salamander disappeared, and Akikawa fell to her knees, her eyes opened wide from what she just saw.

"I-impossible... a summoning..." She leaned forward and rested her weight on her hands, her ebony hair falling around her. She was sweating from the horrible burning sensation that had roasted her from the inside out, looking down on her blackened hands; she realized that there was only one way out of this situation.

Drawing the remainder of her stamina, she prepared for what she had to do. Seeing the man walking toward her slowly, holding a different gun now, she smiled. Accessing her time manipulation ability she stood and dashed around him, and reached for the sphere in Tornado's hands. It shocked her and she was thrown backward by it.

Time returned to its normal state and Vincent looked around to find her frantically, while Tornado was staring directly at her.

"W-why..? Why won't it return me?!" She stood, feeling the electricity surging throughout her body still, she was somewhat paralyzed. "..has it chosen him?" Akikawa stood there, remembering that when she, before she had been sealed, before she had to possess another body to live, before HE was a SHE. Stealing those orbs had allowed her access to their use, but before that, only the elemental guardians could use them. So was it that the guardians chose whom was worthy of the powers endowed upon the person who held the orb, or was it that the person whom held the orb understood the responsibility?

As the paralyzing electric surge finally left her, she rushed toward Tornado again, but without slowing down time. He was too weak to put up a fight against her anyway, so she grabbed him and held her palm against his head. "Now, Vincent is it?" She waited for him to answer, but he only nodded. "If you take one step further, I'll use my control over the element of ice to send a stalagmite through this boy's head. I suggest you take a step back and--"

"Just shoot! Use the blaster and shoot!" Tornado struggled against the hold she had on him, which was by the neck, but got nowhere. "I have a plan."

"I'm guessing in this time period they don't teach you to wait until somebody else finishes speaking, do they?" Akikawa tightened her hold, causing Tornado to gasp for air, then resumed her normal hold. "Vincent, I assume you want the boy to live. If you shoot, I'll use my abilities and you'll only be hitting him. We both know you wouldn't summon again with him at stake as well."

"Shoot! Or she'll have the world in her clutches! She'll go on to do who knows what! Think about it! You don't want to live in a world ruled by her and whatever sorry-ass demons she conjures up to serve her! Trust me! Shoot!"

"Quiet, you know it foolish to try and persuade him, he won't--"

"Think of Naoki." Tornado looked Vincent in the eyes, and as Vincent nodded and raised the blaster, the raven haired teen steeled himself for what was going to happen next.

"For Naoki!" Vincent pulled the trigger, firing the .575 caliber round straight at them, a trusting look in his eyes and a smile on his lips.

"Damned cat, what was he thinking?! Going to kill the boy.." Akikawa tried to pull away from Tornado but found that she couldn't. He turned and looked at her, smiling. "But how?! You don't have the power to control--"

"I realized... when you touched the orb, when you brushed me, that I was moving as fast as you, but when you were thrown back, you couldn't keep a hold on your manipulation. I remained moving as fast as you had before." Tornado threw his elbow back, connecting with Akikawa's side, hitting her kidney, and causing her to let go of him. "Before you return to normal time.. I want you to know, I also thought of how to use the wind powers of this orb along with time... hope you enjoy burning again. Rip through time and space at the speed of sound! Sonic Dash!" Tornado burst forward with new speed, feeling the wind pushing him toward his destination. He turned and slid, grasping what he needed from the ground, and threw the can of red spray paint toward Akikawa. His second in time was over when he let go of the can, but he rolled forward to keep his balance after traveling so fast.

As soon as time returned to normal, the plasma round pierced through the paint can, lighting it ablaze with blistering heat.

Akikawa could be heard screaming painfully once more as Tornado and Vincent stepped inside of the elevator.

"You're new here, aren't you?" The girl with chestnut hair turned to see who was speaking to her, but lucky enough for her, the girl was standing next to her.

"Y-yeah." Kohaku replied sheepishly. The girl that stood before her wore a red tank top and a pair of blue jeans. Her vividly aquamarine hair fanned out across her back, except for two strands in front, held separate by ties with dice on them. Long bangs hung over her forehead, but were out of the way of her emerald eyes. Her lightly tanned skin was a welcome compliment, and the way she stood there, smiling brightly at Kohaku, made her seem to radiate a welcoming glow. The details that Kohaku couldn't see however, were the girl's ears, which were gray and wolfish, matching the color that her tail was.

"Mind if I sit here?" The girl waited for an answer before sitting, smiling just the same as before.

"No, not at all." Kohaku replied after several seconds, but instead of having her move over, the demi-human wolf sat across from her. The chestnut haired girl thought it was so that they could talk more personally than if they sat next to each other.

"I could tell you were new. Only the new kids get the beef casserole. It's absolutely atrocious, suggest you don't eat it. Really." The girl turned her lunch tray toward Kohaku and offered what she was had. "It'll make you sick, so have some of my spaghetti. It's the best thing they have here besides the ramen, but they only serve that on Wednesdays. By the way, what's your name?" She waited for the girl in chestnut haired girl to take what she offered.

"Mikage Kohaku." She shook her head toward the spaghetti first chance she got as well, "That will make me sick, I don't like tomato sauce."

"Well, as far as names go.. You said yours backwards, didn't you?" The girl of shimmering radiance proceeded to eat her spaghetti, whilst Kohaku poked at the beef mess in front of her.

"Oh! Right, I'm sorry. I'm not really used to being in America. It's Kohaku Mikage." Raising her fork she took a cautious bite of it, and then reached for the soda she'd also purchased. She opened it and hurriedly took a gulp, attempting to wash away the foul taste that the beef had left in her mouth.

"Told ya it'd make you sick. Well, anyway, my name's Cigabone. Just Cigabone. Spelled wtih a C-I, but pronounced like it has a C-H." Cigabone giggled when Kohaku scrunched up her nose and stuck her tongue out. "The principal likes that stuff, it's the only reason they make it. He lived in Texas back when the moon fell."

"Right. I remember learning about that in history class. In the year 2237, right? One of the colonies hit the moon knocking it out of orbit, and it collided with Earth. Then the colonies began to fall... and only the rich could get away." Kohaku recited the textbook answer, feeling a bit dumb when she was done. She felt like only a total nerd would respond that way. "So the principal likes tainted beef?"

"Yeah, it's pretty nasty. They have to soak it in stuff just to get it how he likes it. Soda and stuff just makes it worse." Cigabone finished her spaghetti and opened the soda she had bought. "But anyway, it's so sad how so many people lost their lives in that year. Worse than what happened back in the 21st century."

"When the towers were attacked, yeah. But someday we'll have a holiday for that day, just like we do now on September 11th. It's worth having a day off so that we can see the parades and learn more about the motives of the people behind it and stuff. That way it won't happen again." Kohaku played with the tab of the can, looking down at the dark colored liquid that had accumulated on the rim. "I still can't believe that there are only four cities left in the world."

"On Earth you mean. Of course Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are all successful, but here, yeah, there's only, Heaven, Neon City, London, and Tokyo." Cigabone smiled to herself and voiced, "Someday I wanna go to Neon City. Ya know, play all the games, visit all the places. It's the only place in the world where you can just have fun."

"It used to be called something like Las Vegans or something right?" Kohaku couldn't help but catch Cigabone's upbeat spirit, it was too contagious not to. Kohaku began smiling, and this made Cigabone smile even more. Cigabone loved talking to people and making them as happy as she was, it was what she lived for.

"Come on now! Before you start fighting you gotta learn the basics! Or you'll never get anywhere without learning to throw a proper punch or a good kick! Always gonna be stuck at the bottom of the ladder!" A raven haired teen yell out over the hustle and bustle of the lunchroom. He was sparing with several people at once, blocking punches and kicks and reversing grapples. He was the best out of the group and everyone could see why he was the one yelling out what they needed to learn. From the looks of this sophomoric teen, he was something to be held high, and most of the girls seemed to think so as well.

"Who's he?" Kohaku said as she watched, seemingly enraptured by his performance. She was still smiling, but now, she was smiling like a loon.

"Alecar Magna Wolf. Best male fighter there is in this school. Besides Tornado, but he never talks, or challenges anybody anymore, just proved he was the best and that was that." Cigabone pointed with her fork at a guy charging toward Magna, with a concerned look on her face. "That guy... Has a..."

"A what?" Kohaku turned to face her, to ask what he possessed, but the aquamarine haired girl was gone, with no trace of where she had gone. But suddenly, Kohaku got a gut feeling about where she was. Turning toward the sparring matches, she knew it was about to get ugly.

"If you can't fight without a weapon, then you shouldn't fight at all!" Cigabone grabbed the knife wielding teen by the wrist and proceeded to flip him by using his own momentum against him. The knife clattered out his hand and onto the floor, and she picked it up, then threw it at the wall, causing it to stick, the blade embedded deep. "You wanna fight with it so bad, go and get it." The angelic smile of the girl was gone, replaced by a frown of disappointment.

Magna turned to her as everyone got quiet, and smiled, "Thanks for watching my back, hadn't been for you, I'd have a slit throat right about now, and we all now that th' Headmaster ain't gonna be happy with any blood near his tainted beef." He looked Cigabone over as she blushed, and as he did she could notice that one girl in the crowd didn't look too happy about what was going on. "Now uh, you up for helping me finish off these goons?"

"Sure thing, as long as it's fun." Cigabone said as she turned and cracked her knuckles.
Several people rushed them, and it seemed like they were vastly outnumbered, but with Magna's skill combined with her own, much of which astounded people since nobody thought of this angelic girl as a fighter.

Hit after hit, Magna aimed for the faces and stomachs, using his fists to the best of his advantage. As he gave a guy a hard right hook to the side of his jaw, Cigabone delivered a beautiful high kick to another, and then downed him with a sweep. As the guys got beat one by one, people started cheering, calling out the names of the two best fighters in Angelic High.

Behind them, somebody cleared his throat and as Cigabone turned he gave her a punch to the stomach, and Magna a kick in the side. Being a large guy, with several muscles lining his arms, he was easy to see why they both went down in one hit, but again, he did get them off guard. He as slow as a bulky guy should've been, so he used the element of surprise against them. But he was so big that he seemed too big to be a teen. That's why nobody even attempted to ridicule Drake Rahal, there was just too much at risk, and he was a guy with a volatile temper.

"Hey! You stray too far from the gym?! You sure you even know where you are?!" A young girl's voice called to him, and he stared at the girl from across the lunchroom. Cigabone and Magna had the sense to get to the sides, sitting at one of the tables.

Everyone turned to find the girl, and focused on Kohaku.

"What kind of coward hits people in an honest fit when they aren't looking? You should really be ashamed of yourself... and I'm the person to do just that." Kohaku stated as she began running toward him.

Drake simply brushed back his hair, making sure it was still sticking up, and that his shades were on correctly. As she got closer to him, the size difference became more and more apparent. Drake was almost seven feet tall, and Kohaku stood near 5'4.

Using the momentum she had gained through running, she pulled her fist back and shoved it into Drake's abdomen, preparing for the giant to keel over, admitting his defeat.

Kohaku came to a sad realization, however, that was not to be the case. Kohaku's fist didn't actually penetrate Drake's defenses, and he didn't come crashing down. Actually, Kohaku was repelled by his muscle, and thanks to Drake's backhand, was sent spinning to the floor.

Cursing to herself, she spat blood and got back on to her feet. She stepped forward once again when Magna and Cigabone stood in front of her, blocking her from him. Cigabone turned her head over her shoulder to say "no" and Magna held her back when she resisted.

Walking forward, Cigabone looked up at the towering teen above her. She was 5'2, and he 6'9, her glare was menacing, and when he pulled back a hand and formed it into a fist, she slammed hers into his abdomen, and like Kohaku had hoped would happen before, Drake came crashing down, but not before Cigabone walked away from him.

"Doesn't take much to topple a man who's let his defenses down. Watching you attack her, I saw that you put all your focus into your attack, leaving the rest of your body completely open. A feather could've toppled you then. Learn the ba-"

Everyone looked toward the center of the room as a large piece of the ceiling fell to the floor with a loud boom and cracking sound. Then there eyes trailed toward the ceiling where there seemed to be flames licking at the wires they could see through the newly formed hole.

Several students got up to leave, but the doors slammed shut, and locked themselves, so they just found themselves pushing against them frantically. The windows were too high to reach, but that didn't stop some of the student from wanting to climb out that way either.

Then, the voice of Akikawa Akitoya boomed throughout the room.