Heaven Can Wait

Epilogue: Republic Of The New Sun

After that, I only vaguely remembered what happened. The remnants of the Order-Consortium army was easy to defeat. With nothing more restraining his power, Saint Iwan himself appeared above the battlefield and demanded the Order drop their weapons. After that, some Stray-Is loyal to him came from the Otherside and mentally guided all the invaders home back through the Slipgates. As for the wreck of the Leviathan, the vessel was repaired a bit and stored in a massive museum in the middle of Nusing.

It was on that date the Terran Republic was officially re-established. Nusing, long an isolationist power, quickly assimilated the former Consortium worlds via manipulation of their well-oiled propaganda machine. The Order worlds were assimilated next, each weakened by civil war after the Matriarch died. Erin herself and Iwan attempted to centralize power on each world, as both were now religious figures. The abominable perversion of the Terminus Gospels was gradually dispelled, and the Order began to fall in line with what Iwan had originally intended- a democratic society, rather than some deranged theocracy. After the known worlds were under control of the Republic, what followed was a golden age of rediscovery.

Now, I do not remember all of my adventures. However, I will say that some where notable, such as recovering Iwan's disciples from stasis on a forgotten space station above the Republic's long lost homeworld, Earth. Ever since the events which restored the Republic, things have been getting better.

The minds enslaved by the Triumvirate are free. They can go between the Otherside and the normal universe, as well as Transcend again at will. Attotech and femtotech have been recovered, as well as other technologies. We have surpassed the Terran Republic. Our current age is nicknamed the Republic Of The New Sun, as many red giants in inhabited systems have been returned to yellow suns. Now, we even open portals to other universes, seeing how humanity and its offshoots developed. However, that is a story for another day.

I am now called Consul Willart Tanneich of the Republic Of The New Sun. I have two "wives:" my CFAR and my GAR. And I have one wife: Kirsha Tanneich-Gildesh. It has been a thousand years since we first meet, and despite rocky beginnings, we are both now going strong.