Another Deepdark Secret Withheld From You
By: Nina P. (5.17.04)

I'd like to believe that
You're free from all that
But I'm forced to know
That is not so

You and I are such good friends
I cannot make that end
I just wish you had been direct
This is your defect

I have known for too long
I will not be tranced by your lying song
How will I look at you again?

If only I could stop this feeling of guilt
I wish for this dam of secrets to be spilt
But yet I want to scream from injustice
My eyes have seen too much

Oh I want to cry
I want to make it go away
How can anything be the same?

Please say it is okay
I will not believe you
I will see right through you

But worst of all,
You will never know
This pain will never see retribution
And I will die alone
Remembering only what I know