Muses confuses

You filter in and out of my head,
Giving me inspiration, ideas,
Encouraging me when I'm down
Well, at least, you did.

Now what shall I do?
My muse, you've gone away,
Can I survive?
Will this absence create a greater void
In my life?

Ah, there you are!
You've come back!
Where ever have you been?
Oh. Oh I see.
You no longer belong to me.
Yes, I understand.
I understand completely.

What shall I do without you?
Oh, I suppose I could move on.
But, you're my muse!
You'll get me another?
Another could never be as good as you.

What do you mean I've
'Had' her all along?
Why do you sigh and say you aren't a muse?
Then, who are you?
You're. my insecurities?

I understand now!
My real muse,
Is me!