Written by Felicia Spencer.

AN: Hello my peoples. I have had some serious writer's block, and the poems
that I have been writing lately weren't at their best. I'll admit it. I
even think that I missed up this poem here at the end. You'll see. The last
four stanzas were pretty bad in my opinion, but I would love to read what
you guys/gals think of it. Anyway this poem is basically written in a
metaphorical sense. It's not talking about physical wounds, but rather
emotional ones. The wounds in question were a metaphor that I used in
conjunction to actual pain felt associated with having a broken heart. I
hope that I'm making sense, but I know I'm not. So..um.read.yes.read, and
don't forget to review. Sheesh you guys are starting to hurt my feelings.

Wounded beyond recognition
Scarred down to the bone
There's no good feelings left
Now that I'm all alone

I try to heal all of my abrasions
Each wound serves it's own part
But the one wound that will not heal
Is the wound that's in my heart

No amount of antiseptic cream
Can make this pain go away
The emotional scars that I now bear
Is still around today

I can try to use make up
For my wounds I try to hide
But what's the sense of doing that
When the pain's from deep inside

No amount of apologizing
Or coming back into my life
Will get me to take you back
I've had enough of this strife

So take the pain that you have wrought
And find someone else to hurt
I'm sick and tired of being your doormat
And the way you treat me like dirt

These wounds will always be apparent
You can't hide a broken heart
Still I'll try to move on with my life
And create a brand new start

So go away if you have to
You've already destroyed my life
I'm just a shell of my former self
And that fact cuts like a knife.

Wounds will eventually turn to scars
A small reminder of what was
But I'll ignore these small reminders
I'll ignore them simply because

I refuse to be your victim
I refuse to be your pawn
I refuse to be treated like crap
That's lying out in the lawn

I refuse to be ignored
I refuse to cry and whine
I'll find someone that really loves me
Whose love will always shine

I'm finished with this hurting
I've had enough of your perjury
I'll find a way to heal my scars
Like they do with plastic surgery

I guess this is really the end
And for now I'll bid you adieu
I'll give you a little pain back
Starting with the heel of my shoe.

Bad I know, but in my defense the last line was a metaphor. It was a
metaphor stating that I was kicking this person out of my life. Get it????
Aw gesh. Never mind.