And then there was light.
But darkness hides in the souls of the pained ones.
Sitting inside us, the seed of hope,
Of our greatest desires.
But they lay in the endless dark pit of our souls.
A seed; no life.
Nothing to hold on to.
And the epitome of our lives lies in the balance of life.
A weight of nothing drags our hearts down
Into a black pit.
Yearning to be saved,
But not wanting help.
Black signaling remorse of our lost,
Tortured souls.
Is there an end to our seemingly wanted agony?
The blade for some is the savior.
But the weight drags us down again
And we ask:
Why to me?
What have I done?
Give me salvation or my death!
The lost hearts screams.
And our homemade black hole
Swallows us deeper into a dark embrace.