My Beloved Rebecca

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It is now the Twelveth day of November,which means that it has been at least five years to the day that I had said 'goodbye' to my beloved Rebecca for the last time before blasting off into the deepest reaches of outer space.

And even though I know that I've still got orders to serve from the United Galaxies Space Fleet,I was still unable to escape the feelings that I still have for my beloved Rebecca.

However,I'm about to try escaping those feelings one more time by administering a new type of drug that I was supposse to test on only animals.

I'm still really going to miss my beloved Rebecca,who was indeed an Angela Watson type beauty the last time we had seen each other.

Well,the needle's in and it'll take a few minutes for the drug to take effect.

You know,I could still taste her sweet kiss that I had last tasted before looking deep into her lovely blue eyes and telling her that even though I shall never see her again,I'll still love her with all of my heart.

Something's happening...head's starting to...spin and...having trouble...breathing.

Can no longer...stay longer...!


I've got such a splitting headache!

Wait a minute!

What's wrong with my voice?

Let me see,I know that my name is Jack Randell and I'm on a mission for the United Galaxies...!


I look just like Lori Loughlin!