You wouldn't have noticed this girl if she hadn't been right in your face. Tara, who had just turned 13, was the shy type that was never noticed by anyone. With her long blonde hair shading her face, she could sit for hours without as much as a single glance in her direction.
Out of all the people in her class, she had no friends to call her own. People often came up to her asking silly questions about why she became so quiet, but they never once offered a kind gesture toward Tara.
Arriving home from school one day, she went quietly up to her room. This was her sanctuary, the one place where she could be alone. Caught up in thoughts about the world that surrounded her, she plopped down on her pink furry bed wondering what she could possibly do to make the world more bearable.
Outside on this cold dark evening, clouds swirled their way across the sky. Tara sat on her balcony banister watching the activities that took place in the parking lot below. Her younger brother Michael often played basketball with the neighborhood children. This was one of those days when he brought them over to use the basketball goal attached to their garage.
Wind picked as the rain started to pour. The young boys hurriedly ran inside and were gone. The parking lot was deserted. Lightning streaked across the sky and the deafening sound of thunder could be heard in the distance. Still Tara sat there, wondering why her life had came to this, why her mother had died, and why she had to live here with her uncle.
Finally she decided that it was best if she also went inside. In the process of standing up, a puddle of water gathered under her feet. In the commotion, she grabbed hold of the railing that suddenly snapped. Tara plunged 30 feet to the concrete parking lot below. Instantly she died...