I miss you
Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: Just a poem I wrote in remembrance of my dad. This one was a little
tough for me to write, and I would love to hear what you think about it.
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It seems like only yesterday
That you were by my side
I always thought that you were invincible
And that you would've never died

Now you're gone, and I miss you so
I was your number one fan
The fact that you were taken away
Is what I don't understand

You were supposed to stay with us
You were supposed to be safe at home
But time can't rewind itself
And bring you back where you belong

I can't believe that life would be so cruel
I think about all the things we've missed
It's hard for me to acknowledge that you're gone
And us being together is what I'll miss

Daddy I wish for only one simple thing in this life
That you would've seen the woman I turned out to be
I think that you would've been really proud
I think that you would've been really proud of me

I miss you, and I love you
One day we'll reunite
But I will always remember
The way you've raised me right