Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: Here's something different from me. This is a subject that I wanted to
address. Why? I don't know, but it is something that's very important to
me. So review and let me know what ya think.
NOTE: I've made a few revisions, because I used the word vow too many
times. I just wanted to thank everyone that brought that to my attention.
Your eye for detail has really helped me out. So once again thanks.

I've made a vow that I intend to keep
No one can change my mind at all
This vow, a sacred oath I pledge
I will faithfully obey this call

Never will I be loose or easy
This promise of chastity I'll keep
There's no way that I'll break this pledge
Until my true love I'll meet

I don't mean to be a prude
But I'm woman enough to wait
But I want to wait until I am married
Until I meet my mate

Short I know.