-1Dear Readers,

So, I'd like to start about saying, I LOVE y'all. I love seeing all the hits and reviews this story gets. It's completely validating. It also drives me to write better, but lately, I have realized that this story has NO PLOT. I know exactly how it will end but I have no idea how it's going to get there and therein lies the trouble. I want Anari to be defined by more than Salim which is proving near impossible. Thus, I'm taking a hiatus from writing this story in favor of mulling things over and establishing a more concrete plot. Although I do realize that the best stories are character-driven, I do feel that a good plot is integral as well. So, this is a temporary hiatus and as soon as I can work out the nitty-gritty this story will be back in full of force, so do not lose hope! Because I honestly love this story and I honestly feel it's a story that needs to be told and I simply refuse to give up on it. I want it to be told well, I want it to be really good. I want it to be meaningful. So, bear with me as Anarkali and I go through an identity crisis.

Yours faithfully,

Lady Fayette