Your arms so far away,
The sky cold, gray,
My once massive wings,
Now clipped,
My free spirit, teathered,
How high did I soar?
The ground seemed so far,
Now so close,
The warm sun replaced,
Along with your smiling face,
I ruled the heavens,
I disobeyed the titans,
Your face sent me falling,
Pumling to the rocks,
That day on, you owned me,
I lived by your side, day by day,
The earth, yours to rule over,
I belong in the heavens,
My love for you, a mortal man,
Proclaimed upon high, on the Mount,
Me a flyer, not meant to mingle,
Mingle with your persons,
Punishment upon my head,
To fly again, is a dream,
I'm now land bound,
All my pride, my courage,
Vain, to try,
For now you're gone, guilty in their eyes,
Guilty, for loving a monster,
Helping her escape death,
Me, my being, brought your death,
So now mine will follow,
For without you, life is dirt,
I shall not feel pain,
For I already do,
My blood, it pools, down at my feet,
A blade in my hand, in the other,
My lonely bleeding heart, no pain,
I love you; I give my heart to you,
My life, it is yours, I'm now with you.