Author's Note: Yeah, so I haven't updated in forever, again. So sue me, again. My computer sucks, I'm working every day, not a lot of time for this wonderful story. But I'm making an effort now with more people reading it. So here's the next chapter, hoorah.

So yeah, where were we? Oh yeah, the bus finally came back from its repairs. We all unloaded our bags under the bus in the carrier part and filed onto the bus. The seat selection was rather bad for MacDonald and I, since we were one of the last few to get on, but MacDonald found a seat by our roommate Leafe, and I had mine next to John Fazio. I didn't mind it, but Fazio isn't exactly MacDonald, so whatever. Soon after the bus began rolling along, I threw on my headphones to silence the world around me temporarily. Seeing as MacDonald had recently burned it for me, I put on Blink182's latest CD, sat back, and relaxed prior to the first movie.

Eventually, Mr. Unckless finally got the first video to work on the Coach USA bus. And it was one of those movies every teenager really does like watching on those long trips: Billy Madison. It was as good as always, minus the fact many people screwed up the mood by sayin' all the lines before it happened. Basically it was Carmen, and he has this fascination with movie lines and will continue to say them way past the time they get old. But whatever, it happens I guess.

About three-fourths of the way through the movie, the bus made its stop for dinner in a rainstorm. I like the rain and nature and that sorta stuff, so I enjoyed walking, while every one else basically ran and complained. Went to the pizza place and had a meat lovers pizza for dinner.  MacDonald went to Burger King and had a lot of stuff to eat, but seriously, in his own words, "Let the big dog eat." After we finished, Mike then took his cup and gave himself a free refill of coke, although they weren't necessarily supposed to be free. But let's be serious, the way these companies make money is crazy, take that, Corporate America, we all do it.

Finally we all made our collective ways back onto the bus and were off once again at roughly 8:30 or so. The movie was finally over, and the sun was down, which seemed to set the mood for The Perfect Storm. Unckless came up with the plan that we'd watch half of it on the way there, and half on the way back. The sad thing was, we only watched the half on the way there. It's a good movie, and for some reason if you haven't seen it, you probably should. And if you have that thing for George Clooney, well, he's all yours in there as well.

Regardless, the movie was done as we found ourselves somewhere in Mass. probably around Springfield for the sake of argument. I know people in Lee, Mass. close to NY, and it was halfway between there and Boston, so Springfield is about right. But yeah, we stopped there for whatever junk we wanted to purchase. Carmen and MacDonald each bought themselves some high-quality beef jerky. I myself didn't buy anything since I had brought some candy so I wouldn't have to buy anything. Mom raised me well, I suppose. Always think ahead.

We finally got ourselves back on the bus after that stop, and it was about 10 or so by then. We once again popped in a movie, and it was actually one of my favorites. What can I say? The afore mentioned, in the previous chapter, Laura has some awesome taste when it comes to movies to bring on trips. Naturally it isn't her only quality, but good taste in movies is a plus, obviously. But I'll stop my banter about movie selection, and get to the movie: Ocean's 11. Great movie, and jeez, what's up with this George Clooney complex people? Eh, ah well, you still had Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, I believe, to have your girly hearts to melt over. That is, if you are a girl. MacDonald and I found it cool to see the boxers Lennox Lewis and Vitali Klitschko in it. I love boxing, so to see two great boxers before they won titles; it's cool. Of course, I think I butchered Klitschko's name, and it may have been Waldimir (pronounced Vladimir) that was fighting, but either way, they're both good.

As we arrived at the city limits of Boston, the movie ended. Great timing I suppose. By then it was 11:30. And actually, that's when we first found out who our Roommate, the infamous, Drew Phillips was. In the back of the bus, I'm assuming, because I don't know, it was probably brought up to Maggie Clifford and those back there that Drew didn't know who was in his room. That or because we had ranted about it the previous few days in class, she brought it up. So Maggie called up to the front of the bus to Mike, Mike, and I to turn around and show Drew who we were. He seemed cool enough. I swear it's strange that he was put in our group, but maybe there was some message from Mr. Unckless in there about what he thought about our character and that we'd be able to handle the situation best. Either way, I was too tired to contemplate it that much.

We turned off the Mass. Turnpike and towards our residence for the next few days at the Sheraton Hotel. Actually for you sports fans, I think that's where the New York Yankees stay when they come to Boston to play against the Red Sox, so that's pretty cool. We rounded the hotel once for no apparent reason, and finally stopped. I remember distinctly that there was a liquor store across the street, but I'm not sure what else. It may have been Mike's Liquor or something like that, either way; it doesn't matter, seeing as I didn't frequent it. We finally walked into the hotel and checked in. While waiting, MacDonald and Leafe stole a few Andies Candies from the bar room, so it was a nice little snack before bed as we watched the end of the Calgary Flames/San Jose Sharks hockey game. I think San Jose may have won the game if I remember correct.

But even before that, we really got to know Drew. I will not forget his entrance, as he began to sing, "Oh Canada." We discovered that he was actually from Toronto, Canada, and had moved to Rochester in September. He eventually got mostly undressed to where he was in his boxers, and stated, "Oh my God, I'm in a room with three guys I just met, and I'm only wearing boxers." That's what the first evening was like with Drew, a bunch of one-liners that left us almost in tears. Drew seemed like an extremely sociable person, like, willing to just walk up to someone and talk to them. He ordered a cot like he had done it a million times before in a hotel. Naturally I'm shy and wouldn't be that polished at something like that, so I admired that in him. He had his cot for sleeping, Leafe had a bed to himself, and MacDonald and I shared the last one. Not too sure why, but I don't have a problem sleeping with another person in the same bed. I'm sure MacDonald did, since he put up a barrier, but whatever. It doesn't bother me that much. I don't bite; I know he doesn't, so no worries. I mean, he may be Mike, but as long as his last name isn't Tyson, I'm not going to worry. Whatever he feels is his business, and I'll respect it.

But before we all finally fell asleep, MacDonald, Leafe and I decided to chitchat in the dark about random things at 1:30 in the morning. Some how John Davis, who was on the trip, got brought up. He was a strange, yet interesting person. Red hair freckles, tall and lanky. He also did this really weird thing with his chest that I can't even describe. But anyways, I had heard from Mark Layman, who was also on the trip and in Davis' room, about what he did in Costa Rica when a smaller group of students went with Unckless during February break. Apparently Davis and Layman were chilling with Ravaé Comstock, Kayleigh Paladino, and others when Davis went back to his room, and phoned their room. Then, when Kayleigh picked the phone up and answered, John said in this really weird voice, "Is there a keg in your pants? 'Cause I wanna tap that shit." Davis is the last person in the world that anyone would ever expect to say that, and the three of us laughed uncontrollably for about five minutes. Then, MacDonald spun us a yarn (told a story for those of you unfamiliar to the term) about how Davis was in his Boy Scout troop way back when, and they had a meeting at Davis' house, while Alex Theuman was there with them. Now Theuman is a totally messed up kid, so we did expect this story to be true. MacDonald said that because Davis' dog was barking, Theuman went to it, and bit it. That had us rolling out of the beds it made us laugh so hard.

But yeah, as I said before, it was 1:30 in the morning after a long day of stuff. The day was literally Friday, and we figured it was about time to go to sleep, before a new dawn arrived too soon. And that day would be chuck-full of events that most of us won't forget, or let others forget.