He loves me:
Pick the petal off the flower,
First one says he loves me.
Does he really?
Is it a lie?
Something deep inside me wishes,
For reasons I know not.

He loves me not:
I pick the next petal off the flower.
So is it lust?
Or just another rope to my heart he wants to tie,
Then break it as I come across.

Hold on for dear life,
Of my sanity.
Stop picking the petals off the flower.
Wake up girl.
Life isn't that simple.
Picking a petal won't decide fate.

He loves me:
So here I am again.
The damned 'he loves me' petal.
Oh twisted petal,
Stop picking at my wishes,
Making me think them true.
Stop mocking my pitiful dreams.
Yet there he stays.
Is this petal actually spelling truth?
Him holding me saying he misses me?

He loves me not:
Laugh out loud,
At my stupidity.
What can a petal promise me?
This stupid flower picking,
Getting us nowhere.
In these love lives,
Are twisted paths.
The petal just blinds our eyes.

That child's game,
We are still playing.
It's a stupid flower!
For Christ sake!
Stop picking the stupid petal of nothing.
Nock my head against a wall.
Bash some sense into me.
Sit there as he kisses me,
Trying to figure out why I'm here.
He 'misses' me?
Hard to believe.

He loves me:
What is this mockery!
You stupid flower!
Who came up with this game?
Deciding something,
We can't seem to figure ourselves.
So we go to a flower?

He loves me not:
The only petal that seems to make some sense!
It doesn't wish to blind us,
It just says:

The last petal:
Oh petal what do you bring to me?
No love?
How about an undecided?
Ah, just my luck!
He loves me....
Curse this stupid flower!