Marius burst in through the door, answering his sister's scream. He quickly realized that she had good reason to do so.

Cebrain was sitting on a chair, in her room. Well, it could not have been Cebrain; the boy had died over a month before. No, Cebrain's ghost was sitting on a chair, in his sister's room.

But even though he was a ghost, there was something different about him. He looked older, but at the same time he had a sempiternal quality about him. On his head he wore a helmet with wings on it, and shoes of similar make. In his hand, there was a scepter. Marius remembered having seen this image before, on a picture in his friend's atrium. This was not Cebrain; this was another person entirely.

"Mercury!" Marius gasped.

"I prefer Hermes, thank you very much" the God replied, then turning his attention to the terrified Laelia said, "Do not worry, I will not harm you. I only came to visit"

Marius wanted to tell him to take his visits elsewhere; but he was a God, you could not speak to a God like that. But then yet, had he not made a God his slave for nearly two months? But then yet again; who was to say that Cebrain and Hermes were one and the same?

"Are you Cebrain?" Marius then asked.

"Used to be" the God replied. Marius was astonished; why would a God let himself he turned into a slave? It just did not make sense.

"My father was trying to teach me a lesson" Hermes replied, reading Marius' thoughts. "Anyways, if you were wondering, all is forgiven for the way you treated me when I was your slave"

Marius felt himself breathe a sigh of relief. "But I came here to see if the ever-so beautiful Laelia would like to join me on Mount Olympus, as my wife" Hermes finished.

Laelia blushed red. "I would love to, but there is the issue of my engagement" she replied.

"Well, that can be taken care of. We can always have Marius wear a wig, and masquerade as you for a while."

"Absolutely not!" Marius said heatedly.

"Well, what about your other sisters, almost assuredly they won't mind being married in your place" Hermes said to Laelia.

"I suppose so, but I wonder how Mother and Father will react. I will go with you then" Laelia said, getting up.

"But." Marius began before silencing himself. He watched in awe as the God got up out of his chair, and picked Laelia up off her feet. Hermes, with the girl in his arms, then began to head for the door.

"And Marius, if anyone asks what happened to your sister; tell them that she was kidnapped in the night by a thief and that no ransom was mentioned". And with that, both the God and his little sister alike had disappeared into the night.