A/N: Greetings fellow readers. Before I write anything else, I must inform you all that the story of Flowing Brook, in all it's ingeniousness is not created through my brilliance. The story in its entirety belongs to renowned fictionpress author, Shymk. The only things I can lay claim to are myself (obviously) and the parody ideas. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I know Shymk will.

It was a usual Canadian Summer night, the air was muggy, a hint of humidity still present in my bedroom. The fan was on high, not like it actually did much for the temperature of my bedroom. I still didn't understand why my parents refused to turn on the air conditioning. The whole reason we had bought it was for the summer time to keep the house cool. so why did we buy it again? To many people I've always talked to from other countries (mostly concerning those from South Africa and the Southern States), our regular summer temperatures were fairly cool whether compared to what they are used to. Well, let me put how this temperature affects us Canadians: I was in shorts, a tank top, no blankets on, and I still was practically suffocating from heat. And that's at only 25 degrees Celsius. Don't ask me what that is in Fahrenheit, cause I could never tell you. But anyways, I'm getting off topic. Like usual my mind was tortured with thoughts of the realization that I would have to wait even longer for Shymk to update Flowing Brook 2. Finally after about two hours of my jumbled thoughts and of dying of heat, I finally drifted asleep. I had mixed dreams of different chapters of the first Flowing Brook, thoughts from my reviews plastered across my mind. Suddenly, it all went dark. My subconscious mind told me I was drifting off into such a deep slumber that I couldn't dream. Funny I never clued into the fact at that very moment that I have never actually heard nor understood when my subconscious has spoken to me. Could have just been my blondeness kicking in, or just my natural stupidity. Either way, I agreed that it was just the deepest part of slumber, and continued to lay comfortably in my bed. At least, I thought I was in my bed.