The Crystal Plague
Part I Tim and Jay were walking around the park talking about people they hated and cute girls at school. They talked about their new games they had gotten and how unfair chores were. Tim even mentioned his least and favorite teachers.
They into the empty baseball field. Tim picked up a pebble and threw it at Jay.
"Loser!" Jay laughed, picking up a pebble and also throwing it at Tim.
Tim and Jay had gotten into a pebble fight, but suddenly Jay stopped. He bent down to look at a blue stone he saw sitting in the dirt.
"What is it?" Tim asked Jay.
"I have no idea..." responded Jay. "Maybe it's a ruby. 'member we read about rubies in our book about famous discoveries or whatever."
"Yeah, but rubies are red, not blue." Tim pointed out.
Tim had always been the smarter of the two. They'd only known each other for about sixth months.
Tim lived with his mom. His father had passed away when he was three. Jay lived as a foster child switching families every nine to twelve months. He would be moving to a new family in a couple months.
"Well, I'll take it home today and you can take it home tomorrow." Tim suggested.
Jay laughed. "No way! Then you'll try to claim it as your own! How about we split the rock in half and then we both have some."
"Good idea," said Tim. He picked up a pointed rock that had been laying next to him. He began to pound the blue stone.
Five minutes he continuously pounded. Not even a crack!
"C'mon!" rushed Jay grabbing the rock out of Tim's hand. He threw it hard at the blue stone. It cracked almost perfectly in half.
A small, blue worm began to wiggle from the stone.
"What the--"
Jay, being fascinated by insects, reached down and lifted the worm. Wow! thought Jay.
The worm crawled to the center of the back of his hand.
Tim peered closer to watch how the worm moved along, he was as fascinated as Jay.
Jay suddenly began to scream and shake his hand up and down violently.
"Oh my God, Jay," shouted Tim. "What's happening?!"
"I don't know!" he screamed. "It's just pinching my skin and it hurts really bad!"
Jay rolled and turned and screamed and twisted around for almost three minutes before the pain suddenly stopped. Yeah the pain had stopped, but the worm had left a large, gaping hole in his hand.
"Oh my God!" screamed Jay. M-m-my hand! Wh-what was that-that-that thing?!"
Tim stared in disbelief. Stunned and scared speechless. He lifted his hand, pointing at the hole. How? What? Tim thought. He fell to the ground.
Jay grabbed his stomach. "I don't feel good. Not good at all." He coughed and rubbed his chest. He coughed again, only this time it was louder and longer. The coughing hurt his throat. Jay burped. Indigestion. He began to spew. Only, it was not regular body barf. It was worms! Hundred's of blue worms flew out of Jay's mouth. He fell to the ground. Dead. His eyes and mouth open. Worms continued to wiggle out of his mouth.
These blue worms, called Crystal Worms, are blind. They react to feeling, tasting, vibrations, and movement. But mostly to sound. They generate by entering a living creature, human or not, and creating an average of one thousand copies of themself within seconds.
Tim screamed. He stood up. He tried to run but he was terrified and kept stumbling.
The Crystal Worms heard Tim's scream. They sensed his movement. Hundred's of little battle screams filled the air as the worms shot from the ground towards Tim. Teeth sharp, ready to gnaw through his flesh and bone.
Tim fell as the worms bit into his skin. His whole life flashed before him. He screamed. But he was abruptly stopped as he began to cough. The worms had entered and asexually regenerated...that fast.
[Hours Later]
"Oh God no! Why? Why did you have to take him? Why?" Tim's mother, Marcy, screamed, staring at the dark, cloudy sky.
Marcy didn't know how her son had died. And neither did anyone else. The cops at the scene searched Tim to find a reason why he was dead. Nothing. They had looked for physical evidence at the park, where this tragedy had happened. Nothing, except for Jay's lifeless corpse that had been laying just a few yards away.
A mass of people watched the investigation. One of the officers jumped in amazement. "Chief! Come look at this!"
When Chief Marin had reached the officer he noticed a blue worm sat in his palm. "What is it?" Chief Marin questioned.
"I don't know sir."
They both peered closely at the worm. Suddenly, the worm launched out on to the officer's face. He screamed in agony as it burrowed through his cheekbone.
Chief Marin pulled out his nightstick and furiously pounded the officer's cheek trying to get the worm to let go. The office calmed down and knocked the nightstick away. He stood up straight and rubbed his cheek. When the officer removed his hand, Chief Marin realized the hole that the worm had left on his cheek was almost identical to the holes on Tim and Jay.
"My word!" Chief Marin said in shock. "That did that to you?"
The officer began to cough. He felt a strange wiggling feeling in his throat. He coughed louder. The wiggling grew stronger. He began to throw up. Hundreds of worms fell to the ground, the officer with them.
Chief Marin whipped out his gun. He released bullet after bullet. Loading and reloading.
The worms began jumping towards the people that stood around and screamed. Blood was all over the ground. Millions of worms wiggled around looking for new creatures to enter into. With seconds these worms had killed almost sixty people. These worms could take over the entire world. Universe. Could they be stopped?

Part II

A state over in Arizona, a small ship landed in the empty desert. The ship was not even half the size of a family car. It was like something out of a science fiction novel. The glass door of the ship opened up like the hood of a car. A human male figure jumped out. He wore a red collar shirt and blue jeans. The man ran his hand through his hair. A strange futuristic tool belt wrapped around his waist. It had a small laser gun, a motion detector, and a dagger. Strapped to his back was a large gun. It seemed to be some kind of missile launcher.
Not to far away on the dirt road, a blue van was driving by. A boy inside looked out and noticed the man standing next to the ship.
"Look, Dad!" shouted the boy, pointing out the window.
Gill turned to see what the boy, Johnny was so excited about. "What the--" began Gill. "Jenny, slow down," He said to his wife. "Look at this man."
Jenny pulled the van over to the side of the room. "Should we help him?"
"I don't know."
The space man noticed the van. With incredible speed, the man ran to the van. He ripped off the door on Jenny's side. "Who sent you?"
Jenny, terrified, responded, "N-no one. We were j-just going to see if you n-needed h-help. We don't e-even know who y-you are." A tear ran down her cheek.
"I am known as Deninde. I was sent here to destroy a rave of killer worms, called Crystal Worms. They were detected in the state of Caleef- orneeah.
"You mean, California?" asked Gill.
"Well, I am not familiar with your strange names."
"Do you mind if I get a picture of you and your spaceship?" Gill asked while pulling out the camera in Jenny's purse.
"A what?" questioned Deninde.
Gill snapped the camera.
Reacting, Deninde pulled out his dagger and slashed the camera in half.
Deninde realized these humans could not be trusted. He ran about fifty feet away and pulled his missile launcher around to his front. He aimed it at the van that was now filled with annoying human screams. The engine of the van started up. The tires slowly began to roll. Deninde pulled the trigger. The missile flew through the air towards the blue van like a dart flying to the dartboard. Bull's-eye!
It collided with the van causing a large explosion. Bits and pieces of the van flew through the air.
Deninde pulled out his motion detector and checked to see where the majority of the worms were. La. He said to himself. He began running towards La.
When he reached La, he saw that the Crystal Worms had completely taken over the city. The blood of dead bodies was dripping everywhere. Cars had crashed into buildings, oil trucks had tipped over and caught on fire, gas stations had exploded and caused large fires throughout La.
Deninde changed into his normal form. Long, braided hair. Tusks erected above his lips. He wore a metallic suit. He was muscular and veins bulged out. He still had the same futuristic weapon belt. He jumped high onto a tall building so he could get a better view of La.
The worms sensed his presence. Deninde pulled out his missile launcher. He began releasing the missiles non-stop. When he ran out of missiles he had destroyed almost half the worms. A worm leaped towards Deninde. He pulled out is dagger and slashed the incoming insect in half. Another jumped at him. This time Deninde tried to smack it away with the back of his hand. The worm leashed on. Deninde took his dagger and sliced the worm in half. But the head was still burrowed in and this could cause it to regenerate. He slashed the skin on the back of his hand deep enough to remove the worm head. Blood oozed out onto the building.
Suddenly, the thousands of worms leaped towards him. They had fallen into his trap. He was stalling to kill them all so that any worms that were not currently in the area would travel there to help their worm-hole friends. Deninde continuously jumped from building to building killing fifty or so every minute. After about ten minutes he figured all the worms had reached there destinations.
He pulled out his motion detector. He pressed a couple buttons and suddenly five very sophisticated looking grenades appeared around his belt. He pulled two off and through them at the worms. It let off one large explosion destroying about half of the remaining worms. Still jumping from building to building Deninde released his last three grenades. They exploded. He waited for the smoke to dissipate so he could see if he had gotten all of the worms.
Deninde smiled. He had successfully completed his mission. He had saved the city of La, along with the rest of the world. The cleaning and fixing up of the city would be left up to the humans. He pulled out his motion detector and pressed a button calling for his ship. When the ship arrived he took off into the sky, hopefully never to return again.