Zen was monk from the Wan Zai Temple. He was known to be the strongest there. He eventually left the monastery because of his depression. He went to a life of drinking and doing drugs and through this part of his life he met many people. One day he was traveling on his lost journey when through a crowd came a beautiful princess.

The monk had never felt the feeling he began to feel at that moment. It scared him and he kept it inside hoping that is would go away, but it strongly grew inside of him. Zen decided to finally let them out and give this feeling a try.

His emotions led him from a crush to love in a very short time. The princess seemed to return these feelings. But she had built a wall around herself that not even with Zen's great strength and effort could be broken. Zen knowing he might lose his first true love kept coming back giving more and more of himself to the princess only to feel it wasn't enough.

Zen loved this woman more than ever. He thought of her as his guardian angel. Though he had no real faith, he could think of no other explanation of her being in his life. She took the monk away from the things that were killing him and for that he knew she was special.

Then one day Zen's spirits began to crumble because of the princess's constant effort to push him away. After a long time of thinking he let her have her wish and for one week he vanished. After he cut off contact with her he began to miss her immediately. It was to hard for him he became consumed by the depression and began looking for an escape.

Zen's thoughts went through a lot. Especially after the final hug between the princess and he before the week began. She looked him in the eye and said "don't worry I'm fine". He began thinking indeed she would be happier without him in her life.

What happiness Zen had worked so hard for and gained began fading away. The thoughts that used to haunt his mind began flowing through it once again. The rest of the monk's story is unknown at this point. Maybe the monk will soon figure out his life.