As we left off Zen was figuring out that he wasn't alone in life...He had a troubled summer he starting doing the things in the last story that he had left behind, but his heartbreak had become to strong. He missed the princess with all of his heart and it had begun tearing his emotions to shreds.

Summer ended and Zen had to return to a place where he would see her everyday. He seemed to always bump into her. His emotions were running wild the urge to hold her was nearly unbearable to the young monk. He fought with his emotions and kept his mind busy. He was training so hard at the end of the day to lose his troubles he could barely move.

One day Zen was going to meet his brother for a sparring match. Zen had finally been better his life was constantly busy though the memory of the princess was only hidden..He couldn't make the memory die, and seeing her beautiful face everyday only allowed her to haunt his every dream. On the day of that spar in the middle he heard his name. It was her, his heart began racing at the sound of her voice.

He couldn't believe she was talking to him he was appalled by what was going on. Zen tried to be stern when he talked to her very direct and to the point. He asked what she wanted immediately, asking what she needed him for in an almost mocking fashion. Soon he began softening towards her knowing that he still deeply loved her. She told him she still loved him and realized what she had done was wrong..

At first the young monk was a bit weary of the situation, though he couldn't let the chance for her love pass him by. So he began discussing being with her again and allowed her back into his life. He began feeling happy as he left the things that were slowly killing him and allowed the princess to heal his wounds. They became perfect everything going fine or so Zen thought.

Another person wanted the princess an older man.Zen became jealous as she spent a lot of time around this man who was nothing more than an elderly drunken pervert. Zen's anger grew when he went to see her and she acted as though he wasn't alive. It killed him he was dieing inside as though a knife had pierced the very essence of his soul. He began craving his past and wanting to leave the princess with the other man not wanting pain again.

The princess ignored Zen for two days, he had decided it was over, it was time to leave the princess.One of his friends talked him into talking to her, and Zen allowed her another chance. He let all the anger towards her go, but his anger for the pervert grew, Zen wanted to destroy the elder for all he had.

Zen decided to attack his pride when they were all in the same place. There was a fire on an embankment and a great log beside it. The elder thought much of himself and him and another dick was trying to move the log. After the elder couldn't he said "If I can't move this then it can't be done". Zen took that as a challenge, he gathered up his strength, removed his top robe and grasp tightly onto the log. At first he could only move the log; a friend of his stood up and grabbed the root, which allowed Zen to flip the log. With pride Zen turned and walked by the man taunting him with the boastful expression on his face.

After that things seemed to get better between him and the princess. They were in love as it seemed and Zen had his friends...he was finally happy with life. They became close and talked about the great festival that was coming their way, the same festival they had met at. Zen was excited but little did he know that would only end up being another disappointment for him.

The young monk's anticipation grew with every day as the festival neared. She had made it clear to Zen she wanted to be with him on that occasion to celebrate the beginning of their love, but several things went wrong that once again flared the temper of the young monk and almost ended the relationship.

On the first day Zen went in with high hopes expecting the best days of his life. The princess entered the event and called for Zen he was by her side for a short while before one of her conniving friends drug her away. Angry and a little confused Zen walked away with his friends as well. Off and on they were together throughout that night but they seemed to be torn apart every time they got close.

The second day was basically the same her friend dragging her away and Zen left feeling empty and alone for the remainder of the time. He was so angry at the friend by the end of the night, she was nothing but a spoiled brat and the princess was a lost dog following her master. But he let it go with thinking as long as he is with her everything is fine.

The Next and last day of the festival the princess appeared to want to be with Zen, all of that was just an assumption though. The princess got a letter from someone and she wouldn't read it around Zen it worried him deeply but he let it go. Then after the letter the princess said something about one of her friends coming. Zen new the name it was one of her ex's.

When he arrived the princess began acting like once again Zen didn't exist. He became so hurt by what was going on the she left with the other guy to hang out. The monk's emotions went insane he had no idea what to think. He seen how close they seemed and how far away she was from him..

Later he began hearing things about the princess and the other guy and his anger grew even more. At first he tried not to believe the rumors but the princess walked up later being so close to the other man, his heart was then ripped from his body and crushed in a icy clutch.He thought for sure that he was through with her but after all that she calls for him and he came running.

They fought for hours over what went on. Zen yelled and cried tormenting himself for what he had gone through, yet when the smoke cleared they were still together. She was still in his life, though he was still so hurt by these things.

The monk's life was so weird at these times he had a lot of trials and tribulations but he tried to remain on course. His friends kept him happy with all of the problems between him and his love, and he kept striving to make their relationship better. The pain only lingered within him, that pain was only meant to get worse.

This part of the monk's story relates back to his past this is the worst pain he has felt and the princess was the wielder of the weapon. They were discussing the previous year when they had first met. Zen wanted to know some answers to some questions that burdened him intensely.

He asked her about the man she was leaving him for at one point in time, and questions about why she did what she did..Her reply was mostly that his entire year was a lie.After those words it broke him, the very essence of his soul was torn to shreds.

Devastated by finding out that the past year of his life was spent chasing an impossible dream.Being lead on and toyed with, giving his life to earn her love..It was all in vain it was a waste of his life he gave it all for nothing and he was left a broken man.

The princess began crying apologizing for her wrong doings shedding tears of resentment. Zen though angered forgave her in a since still feeling regret for all that he went through but knowing that now the princess loved him and they could make everything work. It still hurts him every time he thinks of it but he tries to keep his mind on track and focused on their relationship.

After all of this their relationship has grown stronger. They show so much affection and love for one another, and Zen would give his life for her and he believes that it will all turn out fine. He is finally happy he has everything he has always wanted good friends, love, and a will to live.

Never give up on achieving happiness..Though the journey may be rough never stop pushing to reach the end, for when you do the reward is worth the trip home. His friends guided him with their trust his heart guided with it's depth never fall away from what you want eventually everything will come together.

I guess we will see the rest of the young monk's life later.What trials await him next.