Got Screwed

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Twenty-First day of April when my partner,Pamela Dunning and I were able to complete yet another undercover assignment for a task force that was within the police force of the City of Cleveland,Ohio--and our supervising officer,Lieutenant Richard Allen had instructed the both of us to go take some time off,because we've earned it.

And so,after we've decided to not look a gift horse in the mouth,we've also decided that since we're both such good friends,it would be okay for us to take a warm shower together,which was exactly what we've done.

The only problem with that idea was that while we were getting ready to take that shower,I've looked at Pamela without her tee-shirt on and noticed just how much of a Fairuza Balk type beauty she really was.

And then,just as she was about to take off her blue jeans,she'd turned towards me,noticed that I've got nothing on and let out a small smile,for she was going through the same thing that I was going through,for we've suddenly fallen in love with each other,even though the CPD's top brass frowns on it.

But we weren't able to give a freaking damn about what they'll say if they were to find out,for after we've gotten the rest of our clothes off and stepped into the shower,we've turned the water on and began to fuck each other silly.

However,while we were kissing and fondling each other's nude bodies,one of our officers,Detective Tim Wilson had walked into the locker room and heard our moans of erotic pleasure coming from the shower stalls--and when he saw us going at it,he'd ran to Richard's office and told him what he saw in the shower part of the locker room.

In short,we've got screwed.