Twirl around silent sob!

Die within me, leave me robbed.

Spinning slowly round and round,

Till I fall face flat to the ground.

Broken China doll's face is shattered,

Bits and pieces lie in ruins, clothing tattered.

So am I and so I feel.

Drive the spikes deeper with the wheel.

Twist and turn and grind

And dine upon my fleshy wine.

Dust collects as I sit

Silently sobbing, no cobwebs amiss.

All is still, all is blank

Soft as silk, gray as dreams.

Weakness is all I can not scream.

Desiccated corpse sitting in a chair,

Quietly rocking deeper into despair.

Ole Granny cackles shrilly,

Skeletal and dead, dressed all frilly.

Me when I age, Me when I'm old

Scary-old grandma locked up in a home.