My Friends

For the first few years of my life, I never knew what having a friend was like since I lived in Germany. When I moved back to the states (I was born in New Mexico and lived there for nearly a year) in 1991, I thought I wouldn't get along with other people. That's when I met Nathan and Eric Anderson, my first two best friends.

These two were brothers themselves yet to me they seemed like the brothers I never had. What was even more fun, was that they lived right across from my own home! That made it easier for me to get to their house. Then I moved down the street and that's where I met Paden McKenzie. His family was somewhat religious and did not like him talking about violence and all. But he was still a good friend. We used to do pretty much everything together and I didn't want any of that to change.

I even met more friends at school, kinder care, and the YMCA. One was very strange; it was as if he had a split personality, literally. One day he would act like a close friend of mine and have a very kind personality, the next he would continuously threaten to kill me for no reason. He was a strange one indeed.

Unfortunately I did not live in Texas for very long, my family had to move and we chose Michigan because most of my dad's family lives up here. After over four years, I left a place I could easily call home behind and moved up to Michigan where my life began to turn into a living hell. I hardly had any friends the first week until I met Corey and Kyle, these two liked things I liked and I always went to their apartment to play. Unfortunately our friendship was only for 2 years.

I then moved to a small town called Tecumseh and that's where more trouble began for me. Instead of me avoiding trouble I managed to get into trouble a few times here but not enough to get me expelled from school. Only a couple of suspensions here and there, and that's it. The first friend I made here was named Bobby Calhoun and he and I had a few things in common. He moved later but that's when I met a few more friends.

One was Alex Mirelez; he's a very cool guy. He and I both like anime and we like to play video games. He always seems to beat me though. It wasn't until my freshman year (9th Grade) in High school that I began to make friends with not just other freshmen, but seniors, juniors, and sophomores.

Now that I'm close to my senior year, I have even more friends who are very close to me. I don't even want to forget all my online friends. They're the ones I find more interesting even though many people say that online friendships can never work out. I don't think I would choose friends for false reasons. Most of my online friends don't remember me or I've simply lost contact with them. The ones I talk to nowadays are the ones I'm real close to.

Now one of them tells me that they're boyfriend just proposed to her and now I'm VERY excited! It gives me a chance to meet them and their fiancé at their place. They plan to invite me to the wedding so I am glad that I'll participate in it. I just can't wait but it might take four years to wait since they plan to marry after college. I think I can wait for four years but I plan to meet them beforehand so I can know whom to look for.

These are those I call friends and I don't ever want them to change. I miss the ones I left behind but I will find them again and hope they still remember me. Everyday I wait for the day I graduate from High school so I can use the opportunity to find them and reunite with them somewhere. I hope they're reading this because I'm looking for you guys and I really miss you.