Chapter 1 - Serenity Treasures

Trinity pushed open the brown door, made so beautifully out of pine wood. The surface was smooth against Tri's fingers and she felt an urge to just run her fingertips along the polished wood. As the door opened, she heard chimes dingle above her, dancing from the impact of the door.

She stepped into the shop, letting the door swing shut by itself, and smiled softly at the faint perfume that met her senses. She couldn't exactly pin point what kind of perfume it was, but it was deliciously nice nonetheless. The fancy little shop on the corner of the street was warm inside; warm and cozy. Trinity felt at home here, it was just so welcoming.

Serenity Treasures was what it was called, and it held all sorts of dolls. Porcelain, plastic, rag. All kinds.

Trinity, now sixteen, had found herself in love with dolls ever since her mother bought her the first one back when she wasn't even six. It was simple, beautiful, small. Elegant. Round-faced, painted lips, painted cheeks to look flushed. It was beautiful.

Trinity found herself fascinated by dolls ever since. She collected them – mostly porcelain ones. Those were her favorite. They were the most well made. Artistic and smooth.

"This doll!"

Tri glanced down at a young girl who was pointing to a rag doll sitting on a bench to her left. The girls' mother looked at the rag doll, her nose wrinkled slightly in distaste. Tri didn't bother to hide her amused smile as she turned away and continued her way through the aisles of many dolls, all placed on various benches and on the floor, while some sat on fancy boxes and fancy chairs. All of them stared right back at Tri when she looked at them. For some reason, she felt as if she was being watched by some of them, which was absurd, true, but still. That didn't stop the creeping feeling.

Tri stopped before a certain porcelain doll, posed as a danseuse with her blonde hair tied in a ponytail at the back of her head. Jewels decorated her forehead and her head cocked slightly to the side as her arms were posed up in the air. One leg suspended in the air while her other leg kept balance, foot glued heavily onto a board to keep her from falling over.

Beautiful doll.

Tri ran her fingers along the doll's arm. She felt so smooth.

She turned and almost jumped when she saw a doll that would be the size of an eight-year-old sitting behind her. It was a porcelain doll, but *very* large in size. Her eyes were closed, causing her thick eyelashes to brush against her flushed cheeks, while her deep crimson red lips were parted slightly. Blue eyeshadow painted her eyelids while dark ebony traced her closed eyes. Curly blonde hair tumbled over her shoulders, resting near her lower back, while she was dressed in a beautiful sapphire blue dressed made of silk and lace. Frilled sleeves tickled her pale arms while glistening black shoes fit around her tiny feet. Her whole form sparkled with beauty, and Tri fell in love with her. Judging from the name tag pinned onto her chest, her name was "Emily".

She was such a beautiful doll. And she was so human like. If it wasn't for the dramatic sparkles and glitter, the mature style of make-up for an eight-year-old, and such a doll-like dress, Tri would have thought the doll to be alive.

"Sis, you'll break it, put it back. I don't want to pay for anything I don't need to."

Tri tore her eyes away from the beautiful doll before her and glanced down the aisle to see who the voice belonged to. A boy with dark brown hair that fell over his smokey gray eyes was standing there with his sister, who was holding onto a doll that Tri actually already owned. It was porcelain; it was beauty.

The boy, however, was what Tri was mainly focused on. He looked no older than Tri herself, although she was certain she had never seen him at school before. A black t-shirt covered most of his upper half, while navy cargo pants covered the lower. He looked as pale as most of the dolls in the shop, which wasn't necessarily unattractive in the least. No, Tri found it sexy. She went for the pale ones. Call it odd, but it's what she preferred.

The boy glanced up, feeling someone's eyes on him, and met Trinity's. He watched her for a while, and she stared right back, before he looked down at his sister, who was tugging on his wrist urgently. He gave her an impatient smile, then looked back at Tri. His smile turned friendlier. Much to Trinity's surprise, he walked up to her, dragging his sister along.

"Hey," he said. "Mind telling me why you're staring?"

Trinity laughed softly, mainly because she felt like she needed to speak quietly in this shop. It was such a serene, comfortable place. Slightly eerie, but nice. "I was just heard you talking to your sister, that's all."

He smirked, almost knowingly. If Tri had been watching him more carefully, she would have noticed that he clearly didn't believe her. He obviously thought she had been checking him out, or something of the sort.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Trinity. You?"


Tri arched an eyebrow. "Rather... unique name."

Sade only nodded, although his smirk twitched slightly. "Right," he said slowly, then grunted in irritation when his sister tugged him so hard he almost fell on her. He straightened himself out and shot her an annoyed look, then looked up at Tri. "Well. Di wants to go. See you around, maybe."

"Hey..." Tri said quietly when Sade turned. He glanced at her over his shoulder, puzzled. Tri gave him a small smile. "Why haven't I ever seen you around school?"

"Home-schooled, sadly."

Tri nodded and watched him leave. She didn't know what made her feel that she had to watch him, but she shook it off anyways and looked back at the porcelain doll beside her that looked like an eight-year-old girl.

Tri jumped when she saw that the doll's eyes were open this time, bright blue orbs staring right at her almost threateningly. A wave of prickles traveled down her spine, forcing her to shudder on the spot. She watched the doll while the doll watched her for a while longer, before she turned around and left the store, a little put off.