Your girlfriend…


Your fantasy…


Large breasts


Glowing hair of sunshine

From a bottle

Bursting with sexuality

For a staged photo


34 A cup


Spiky dyed hair

What I want

Holding out for me

Because it means something


Exploited, used, betrayed

Tearful, an object, no longer human

Forced, unpaid, a slave

Yet you dream about her

You watch her pictures longingly

You don't think it makes you "bad"

To turn a human into an object

Mass-produced and bought

For your sick amusement


Free, confused, afraid

Tearful, a reject you can't persuade

Lost, degraded, BEHAVE

Yet you dream about me

But watch your porn desperately

You don't care that it makes me mad

That you see humans as objects

Playthings to be bought

For your sick amusement


Only care about getting laid

Deep down, and it makes me afraid

You were one I couldn't save

You want me to see

That you're how all boys should be

You don't think that it makes you "bad"

To see GIRLS as objects

Playthings to be bought

Because you can't get a girlfriend