Boys Will Be Girls

They like to simply sweep it off
With a naïve "Boys will be boys"
And "Girls will be girls."
Four words, eight words
Cures it all – forgets it all.
If boys will be boys –
The very same for girls –
Then why the fights and brawls
Over a boy's nature –
A girl's intuition,
When a boy declares his love
And a girl denies love's existence?
When a boy is pressured too early
Into the sex a girl craves,
Like the drugs swirling the room
And alcohol's icicle caress.
When a boy says he has ovaries
And wants to give birth,
Or a girl wistfully daydreams
About more than just a strap-on.
So why the trite saying
Of "Boys will be boys"
When some boys want to be girls?
Someday, they'll start saying that
"Boys will be boys and girls,"
"Girls will be girls and boys,"
And "You will be you,
No matter who you are."