The Tree House

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Twenty-Sixth day of May,when a former Baldwin-Wallace student named Rick Bronson and his fiance,Victoria Dane had returned to their hometown,which was a small California town of Lordsburough and looked around to see how many childhood memories were still around for them to remember.

And each and every time they've looked at a piece of wood on a fence or a lamppost,both Rick and Vicki had let out a smile,because those things--along with many others--had allowed those childhood memories to resurface.

Among one of those items of childhood rememberance was a tree house that Rick and his father had built on a large oak tree--and when they had looked at the tree house and were surprised to see that it was still intact,Vicki had suggested to Rick that they should go into the tree house and see what else was still in there.

After they had climbed up the tree and into the tree house,Rick had looked around and was pleased to discover that everything was still just like they had left it.

Then,after he had looked at Vicki,he noticed that she had laid herself on an old mattress,opened her blouse and waited for Rick to join her in making love in the tree house for the first time.

And while he and the Helena Bonham Carter type beauty were enjoying their moment of pure erotica,all of Lordsburough had continued doing their normal daily routines.

Just then,after they were finally finished their moment of sensual pleasure,both Rick and Vicki had looked at each other,let out a smile and agreed that they had just added a fresh new memory into a tree house filled with old ones.