Shattered Eclipse

Was there ever a time without suffering? There was once. During the Gold Age, there was prosperity and hope. But after the Gold age, for the next hundred years, there was nothing but poverty and agony. Collapse of the noble and just Gruine race and the end of the free world as we know it is drawing near. I can feel it in the brisk wind. Doomsday, Destruction, and Death are all upon us. Help us almighty Elaina great goddess of the mysterious. Prevent the Eclipse.

Depressing isn't it? This is just hearing about it. I lived it. This nightmare was a routine. Among the city's streets, newspapers littered the deserted road proclaiming what I have told you now. A baby's cry echoes throughout the neighborhood. No doubt it is an orphan. Since I had a big heart, and I could take care of it, I ran in the direction of the screeching sound. An alley over from where I was is where the reverberation of the whimper came from. I came to a glass door. It was locked. Cringing, I punched through the glass door. Not a scratch on my hand. Saving this baby must be my destiny is what I thought. I found it lying on the floor unharmed. Its parents were lying in pools of their own blood, victims of violent death. The soldiers must have gotten to them. Such a shame about the innocent lives. I took the baby and a diaper bag I found in a cabinet. From there I ran to where I work, the hospital.

I burst through the door, my long dark greenish hair following me. I put the baby on a table in my office. I realize it is a girl by her eyes. Baby boys were blue, the girls were brown or green if they were of the common Welif race. The eyes were purplish gray. She has Vernonian blood in her. No wonder her parents were slaughtered. Then I heard my name.

"Marizo!" Called my assistant Terria.
"What wrong Terria?" I responded.
"We've already lost twelve lives today, Where were you?"
"I was saving this baby."
"She is beautiful, like an angel. Isn't she so cute....." Terria gasped, "She's Vernonian!! What the hell are you trying to do, kill us?"
"Shut the door now." I told Terria.
"What are you doing? If the soldiers find her it's the end for the entire hospital!"
"Well I just couldn't leave her there."
"Yes, you could've"
"Well it doesn't matter anyway, I am leaving tomorrow to leave this depressing place. I am going to my native Welifo. She will be safe there. Do you want to come with me?"
"No thanks. Well when the transport leaves. Bring your stun gun."
"What?" I exclaimed.
"People everywhere are trying to get out of this desolate place. Be careful."
"I will, I came here anyway to get my paycheck."
"Don't expect a big one."
"Are the budgets that bankrupt?"
"Worse, we have to get all our patients healed or they will kill them all."
"They can't do that. Don't we have enough money for life support?"
"No because there isn't any money anywhere. They can kill the patients, they're the government remember. They've already killed ninety million Vernonions."
"Life is such a horrible tragedy. If I don't leave now I will be late for the transport."
"Goodbye and Good luck."

She gave me a hug. That would be the last time I would ever see my friend again.

I hugged the baby close to my chest as I rushed with my suitcase and handbag, plus the heavy diaper bag, down the dilapidated streets to the aerostation. I checked in and I ran to my seat before anyone would claim to be me. These days anyone could be anyone else. I decided I wouldn't show anyone the baby for fear that we both would be killed.

The pilot spoke over the intercom. "Good evening folks, we are going to leave as soon as possible but there seems to be a riot on the runway."

People groaned all around me. I looked out the window and to my surprise there was a man running to the transport. He had a crowbar in his hand. No doubt he was going to try to break the window to get in. Before he could raise the weapon he was shot dead in his tracks. The solider then smiled at me and tipped his hat as if he were doing a good deed. I felt sick from then to the entire ride.

When we were ready to have lift off I felt as if I were being watched. I looked all around me until I spotted a shady man a few rows ahead that was peering at me. He just sat there all squinty eyed and I started to get my registered Useo, a gun that could kill five people with one blast in three different parts of the room, out of my handbag. The he walked toward me. I held the baby even closer, I was her only chance now for survival. Damn fate. Damn evil.

He sat down next to me. He had piercing dark eyes and cropped orange hair. He then alas spoke in a soothing voice. "Greetings. I'm Raai of the Queon race. I can see by your beautiful bright green eyes and long soft forest green hair you are of the pure Welif clan. I am honored to be in your presence." Then he kissed my hand.

"Greetings." I then quickly jerked my hand away.
"Feisty, me like."
"Please don't talk to me in that manner. I'm not that kind of a girl."
"Well you could've fooled me Taki."
"Taki??!! I'm not a whore!"
"All women to me are Takis." He then put his hand on my thigh and started to kiss my neck.
"Get away from me you pervert!"
"Fine suit yourself. You don't know what you are missing."
Then he got up. Thank the gods. I watched him go back to his seat. There was a solider who was near the door that came up to me and said, "If anyone else give you any trouble on this aircraft you let me know." He put his hand on my chin. "You understand. I don't like scum like that bastard treating mothers that way." I told him that I understood what he was saying. I could not believe what he did next. He sat down beside me. I was stunned.
"Could I see your baby, Miss." I was about to panic. Then I remembered that the soldiers could smell fear. The government created super humans.
"Sure go right ahead, don't wake her up she is sleeping."
"I won't bother her. I was a dad once. My wife and children were victims of a robbery/murder. I joined the army to take revenge on the sick bastards who murdered their mother in front of her own children."
"I'm sorry.."
"I will have my revenge one day."
"Well it has been nice chatting with you."
"Do you want me to leave so soon?"
"Well you have work to do and that man is bothering another young woman up there."
"Oh well goodbye." The robotic solider got up on queue and hassled Raai again.

He then went about his business and the transport had reached Welifo. Home at last. Home at last.

"Marizo!!! Welcome home dear." My mother greeted me at the front door of the house. The house was pretty big with spacious rooms and fresh fragrant flowers in every one.
"I'm so glad you are home. Alleo says hello. He's still available you know."
"Yeah nice to see you to Ma. Just throw another relationship in my face that won't work out anyway because most races are intimidated by intelligent women."
"My Little Flower still a pessimist I presume."
"To the fullest Ma to the fullest."

The baby then woke up. She started crying and screaming.

"Well what do we have here. A baby??? MARIZO!! How many lectures did I put you through to learn that you should be married to have a baby?"
"A lot Ma. The baby isn't mine. I rescued it from a slum which it was orphaned from the murder from her parents."
"Oh.. whew that was a close one. I knew you weren't that stupid. Well I'll take care of it for you for a while. Its really hungry."
"Thanks you are the best." I was always used to my mother's odd transitions.

After seeing my mother for the first time in five years can really put some wrinkles on the face of old age. I knew that I am only three hundred but my mom is about a millennium. I now see my fate. It was completely different than I expected. I remember my thoughts to this day. I have to say hello to an old friend now. Alleo hope you are as handsome as you were the last time I visited. Maybe I never found the right guy because you are my destiny. Well Zela is a tricky goddess of love I can tell you that much.

As soon as I got to Alleo's house by a taxi, I was shaking I was so nervous. I knocked on the door and he opened it. His broad frame, sparkling blue eyes, and cropped forest green hair all looked down at my petite structure and he said, "Marizo! How nice to see you. Come on in." I walked in the house.

"How have you been?" he asked as he hugged me.
"Fine you?" I replied.
"That's awesome, I've been good too. I have to change clothes now for a meeting of an association I'm in. Could you wait? I would like you to be the first to see me in this alright?"
"Sure I'll wait."

I waited for about ten minutes. He came out of his bedroom. I could not believe my eyes. I prayed it was all a nightmare, a horror, and even a joke. He was dressed in a damned Yersee Solider uniform.

"What the hell has happened to you?"
"What the hell is that supposed to mean? Do I have an ugly scar or something?"
"You belong to a blood thirsty organization of mass murder. That is like an revolting disfigurement on a pure soul."
"Big deal. I'm proud to be part of the Yersees."
"What has happened to the Alleo I've known all my life? The one who was liberal. the one who was compassionate and considerate? Now look at you! You're nothing but an evil son-of-a-bitch that kills for the sensation of power. I never want to see you again!"

I then stormed out of the house crying. He chased after me.

"Please don't go.I love you."
"Get away from me! You don't love with a heart of icy stone. You also don't love by massacring innocent victims."

I hailed a taxi home. I will never go back to him. Never. Such a shame on what we could have had. I prayed to Zela for love for so many nights. She must have had something else in mind. She did too.

I went home and told my mother everything that happened. She told me that she would always be here for me and that another even better love will come along. I hope she's right. Like a mother she always was.

The following weeks I learned to care for the baby. I had not decided on a name. My mother thought that Pennsiana is an appropriate name. It means Stray Angel. I thought Deenane is an easy to pronounce name. Deenane means Graceful Deity. I took care of her as my own. I can give her everything except a father. That is what I regret the most at this point.

Since I would be living on Welifo I needed a job. I took my handbag and left the house. I walked into a private medical practice. I opened the door and walked to the receptionist's area.

"Hello I would like to speak to the doctor.Doctor Neo."
"Do you have an appointment?"
"No I want to see if he's hiring at this point."
"No he isn't I can tell you that much.besides if he was he wouldn't hire the likes of you."
"Why wouldn't he?"
"You're a woman. He only hires men as doctors."
"Oh I see. Well goodbye then."

I went from there to at least seven different practices. No was the answer to all of them. All because of me being a woman. I then went into a café to have lunch. I ordered and waited patiently for my food. There was an elderly couple sitting at a table near me. I eavesdropped on their conversation. I had nothing else to do.

"I can't believe how short staffed they are at the hospital."
"They need to hire more doctors."
"They're desperate enough that they could even hire women."
"Yes I agree. Did you hear about the planet Urea?? The soldiers blew it up. And there were no more transports out of the area since a few days ago."

I nearly spilled my coffee. Next my eyes started to water. I started to cry. Poor Terria. Of all the planets in the whole damned universe they just had to blow up Urea. I started to tear up, and contemplate how lucky I actually was. I left the correct amount of change on the table and walked out of the café sobbing.

I marched to the hospital. I was all dried up. No tears for the millions of death, which I had so much wept for in the past. How? I had no idea. I was crying and carrying on and the next thing you know it I was silent. What is happening to me? I thought to my self. I'm changing. But why? I now know it was the oncoming eclipse.

I walked over to the receptionist's area. The nurse looked back at me.

"Hi how may I help you?"
"I would like to apply for a job here."
"Ok all I need is for you to answer a few oral questions and you can start working here if you answer is acceptable."
"Ok fire away."
"What is your name?"
"What age are you?"
"I am three hundred years old."
"Where did you go to medical school?"
"The School of the Art of Medicine and Healing."
"You graduated form there???" she sounded surprised.
"Yes I did. I was valedictorian of my graduating class of 3620."
"You don't need to answer anymore questions."
"I don't?"
"The last one is extremely acceptable."

I had a job at last. I was working at a job I love too even if not all the patients love me.

"What the hell is she doing here?????" said Gene, an elderly patient.
"She will be your doctor to draw your blood for tests. She is very qualified." Said Dr. Welen.
"But it's a she. no doubt she will cry at the sight of blood."
"I don't. I've done it literally a few thousand times sir." I told him.
"I don't like women doctors they are too ditzy and no doubt they will mess it all up."
"I won't I promise."
"I don't trust you."
"Marizo has a lot more experience than me Gene."
"I still won't let her touch me."
"Fine I will do it. sorry Marizo but he has the choice. Hope you are not offended on your first day here."
"It's your first day too? I thought my wife wanted me dead and this is proof. You all are in a huge conspiracy. I oughta sue!" Gene says.
"No your wife does not want you dead. I'll go outside now and let Dr. Welen do his job." I then walked out of the room.

A little while later the heavenly handsome Dr. Welen came to talk to me. He was tall and he had purplish gray eyes. He also had black hair. Pure Vernonion.

"Sorry about Gene earlier."
"It's okay I am quite used to prejudice against women. I got it all the time at the hospital I used to work at."
"Oh where did you work?"
"A small hospital on Urea."
"Oh.I heard the soldiers blew it up."
"It's so sad. My best friend for two hundred and fifty years was on there."
"I understand my brother, his wife, and their new baby were on the planet."
"Oh I'm sorry."
"The baby was a month old. It was a girl. They lived in a ghetto near a rich complex."
I could not believe it. Could it be?? The baby I saved. is it his niece?

"Are you okay? You look about you are about to faint."
"Oh well I saved a baby that was a girl and Vernonion. My mom and I are taking care of it."
His face lit up. "Could I take a look at it? I mean to see if it's her?"
"Sure. You could come to my house tonight."
"Really? That would be great."
"See you then."
"Thank you Marizo. you're a lifesaver. And I mean it."

That was excellent. Finally a relative of the baby is still alive. That is remarkable news. That was my thought before a tragedy befell us.

It was seven o'clock. He rang the doorbell. I answered it.

"Hi so where is she?"
"Follow me."

He followed me down the hall to the kitchen. The baby was in her cradle.

"That's her. Trista. The girls name is Trista."
"Trista.what kind of name is that?"
"I don't know. That's why I remembered it."
"Okay well do you want to take care of her?"
"She's better off with you. I know nothing about taking care of a baby."
"That's fine I'm ready to sign the adoption papers."
"Well not tonight. Do you want to get something to eat?"
"Sure I guess."

We decided to have dinner at a cozy café on Main Street.

"This is a really nice place." He told me.
"I thought so too."
"What are you going to have?"
I checked the menu. "I think the salad sounds delicious."
"I like the Jecas burger."
"You have a strange taste for meat."
"Hey eating a type of elephant isn't so bad."

We talked for hours getting to know about each other. When we were about to leave I felt the presence of something evil. It came upon me like a bolt of lightning.
"EVERYONE GET DOWN!!!!!" I yelled at everyone in the café.

Showers of steel bullets inundated the restaurant. Glass went flying all over the place. People were screaming. Others collapsed in their meals. Blood was everywhere. Death was all around us. I have a scar on my left arm because of the glass. This went on for at least five minutes.

Welen and I were hiding underneath the table. We both were trembling. My left arm was bleeding badly. Then, I heard a boot cracking and crunching demolished glass. The crunching came toward us. I recognized the Yersee emblem on the boots when they came into sight.

Next thing I knew a face peeked at both of us underneath the table. It was Alleo. He was holding an extremely large gun.

"BOO!!!" he screamed.

I screamed. Welen was practically on top of protecting me.

"Do whatever you want to me but don't touch her." He said
"I wouldn't touch my precious Little Flower." Alleo then said.
"Marizo do you know him?"
"Yes I do." I said. "He was my friend for the longest time."
"Was.well anyway you two get out from there or you both will be killed."

We got out from underneath the table. Alleo pointed the gun toward us.

"Why are you doing this Alleo?"
"To help the eclipse."
"Eclipse? What's that?" I asked.
"Its like this. You know how an Eclipse last temporally and it only happens for a while. well it's the same here. All races hate that one race we choose to annihilate. How? We use force. Weapons and threats too. It's all to fulfill a dream. We wipe out a race and after that everything is as before and the cycle continues until the ideal society. Only with a short conversion of mood in the middle." Alleo explained. "And as before I have had hidden plans to marry you."
"But why would you harm innocent people? Besides I don't want to marry a murderer."
"People are afraid of our powers." Welen answered.
"Yes tell me about your powers." added Alleo.
"Well all the decedents of Vernon, the god of mystics, and a human by the name of Delah, the mother of our ancestors, have magical powers." Welen explained.
"Your ancestral father is a god?"
"Yes. He and the human fell in love and had twenty children. From there came the largest race in the entire galaxy."
"How interesting." Said Alleo sarcastically.
"We all have powers superior to all the other races. Others all are jealous."
"Okay how can everyone hate that one race.but I am not affected?"
"You are a brave rebel Marizo. You see the good in everyone. You are Welif. I'm not who I appear to be. I'm really of the Queon race. I am wearing a wig and colored contacts. Goodness and purity of a races are the true enemies of the universe." Alleo said.
"Love and purity are the true enemies of the universe. Yeah right. Evil is the true enemy."
"Well enough with the Smalltalk. In order to follow out the eclipse I have to kill both of you." Alleo said.
"Why? I don't have Vernonion blood." I told him.
"You are Welif and immune. Also you know the secret behind the eclipse."

Alleo started to aim the machine gun and pull the trigger. "Nice knowing you. See you my Little Flower in heaven." He then blew me a kiss.
"Well I see you in hell." Welen snapped."

When he was about to pull the trigger, a single bullet shot out of a nearby gun and it went right through his heart. He fell to his knees then to the ground. Behind him was the woman who shot the seven-foot tall man and brought him to his knees in death.

"Sur-prise Sur-prise." She said after shooting Alleo.
"TERRIA??!! I thought you were blown up because all the transports went down."
"Well I'm here tonight aren't I?"
"I am glad everything's going to be alright." I said as I walked toward her Welen following me.
"Don't move." She pointed the gun at us. Welen and I froze.
"Terria. what the hell are you doing?"
"Oh nothing just carrying out the orders of my captain."
"You are part of the eclipse? That's betrayal."
"Yeah I know. I've felt that way since forever."
"My mother hated me and tried to kill me at least one hundred times. Here are my scars." She showed me these infected and diseased incisions on her arms that were covered up by her long sleeves that she always wore. "and my father told me when I was young that I couldn't be anybody but I was born to hate like all my forefathers. My name Terria in the Rewi race means Corrupt Hate. So fulfills the prophecy of my life given to me at birth: 'All the pain that I will hold deep inside my heart and soul could never be prepared, for all the dreams shattered and all my future hopes trampled, love is no longer with me. Hate and evil is in its place and for all eternity I shall cry sorrowful tears in rage."
"Why didn't you tell me? I could've helped."
"No you couldn't. It's fate. Cruel fate."
"Why couldn't I help?"
"It is my destiny."
"To hate. that's terrible."
"I was born to you both are born to die together."

She shot a round of bullets at both Welen and me. Not one hurt us.

"Why the hell aren't you dead yet. Shit. These bullets bounced off you both. Is there a shield protecting you?"

I looked at Welen. He held his hand out in front of us. A symbol was on his hand. It was the symbol of Vernon. He was straining to keep the shield in front of us.

"What do you think you are doing?" Terria yelled at Welen.
"The powers.are forbidden.we are not. allowed to.use them.unless the most.desperate situation.shall come upon us." He struggled to speak.
"Well what will happen to you now?" She responded in snobbish way.
"I shall die."
"No!!!" I screamed.
"Thanks that my made my work much easier." She put her gun back in her sheath.

Suddenly a bright white beam shot out of Welen's hand. It hit Terria as she turned around to run away. All that was left of her was a pile of ashes. Next to me Welen collapsed.

"WELEN!!" I knelt down beside him.
"Relax Little Flower.this is my punishment for using the forbidden attacks."
I started to sob. "Why did you do that? Now the eclipse has been achieved. Evil is triumphant."
"No it hasn't. You have saved the baby. She is pure Vernonion. You have shattered the Eclipse."
"The baby. I forgot. I don't know how to raise a child."
"You will make a great mother I know it. Trust me. I'm sorry I can't help you."
"Yes, I'm sorry too."
"I love you. Don't forget me Marizo."
"How could I do that?"
"I don't know. But please don't. I love you." He then died.

I still haven't forgotten Welen. He was right for I did make a good mother. Trista is in law school right now. My mother has been long gone since that time. I was able to give Trista a father, however he passed on about fifty years ago. I was honored for my heroic actions for smashing the Eclipse. It still took me two hundred years to find my dearest love. I broke a lot of hearts in those years. I shattered a lot of dreams. One was the Eclipse.

The End