Poor Little Bree
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Twenty-Second day
Of the month of May,
When I've drove out to the Langely mansion
To finally confront Sabrina Langely about her addiction
To drugs,only to find her in a really bad way.

Believe me,it had chilled me to the core,
When I saw a nude Sabrina on the floor
And sweating from intense pain,
Which was caused by her stash of cocaine.

After that,I've made sure that there was no more
By taking all of that poison garbage,
Shoved it into the toilet with all of my rage
And flushed it down the drain.

And after I've gotten rid of that powder of pain,
I've gone into her room,packed her baggage
And dragged poor little Bree
All the way to the hospital,where she'll be
Able to see Doctor Van Dyke,
The same doctor who was able to cure Mike
Of his own addiction and help him be
Able to get a job on his own.

After we've arrived,he had also known
That Bree had pumped snorts of cocaine
Straight into her own blood vein--
And that her addiction had grown
Way out of control.

But then,after he had spent the whole
Twenty-Eight days helping her
Overcome the addiction which nearly ended her
Life,Bree was finally able to regain control
Of her life and we were finally
Able to get married one year later on the same day
When I've found her in such a bad way.