The depth of the ocean
cannot measure your love
for me,
Just as the summer wind
reflects the warmth of
your love.
Protected from night terrors,
thunder-storms and dreams,
soothing away the frightened tears.
Blood coloured roses,
Blue wind chimes,
Pools in summer,
and every snow-flake.
When God made you,
he made you perfect,
even with your faults,
'cause you're my mommy.
You're my strength,
You're my conscience,
and my guide.
You lead me,
and hold my hand.
Fomr my frist steps,
to my first heart-break,
from my first memory,
to my final breath,
I'll love you forever,
'cause, Mommy,
you're absolutly perfect--
to me.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~

A tribute to my wonderful mother. I see a lot of poems on here about people that are mad at their parents, and I remembered that it's not always like that. So I dug up the poem I wrote for my mother last year.

I hope you like it and give your mom a big hug.

My only request is that there are no flames for this poem, because it is about my mother.

Review, please.

~*~ Lady Foeseeker ~*~