Kotori's Song

Dance within the darkness,
Delve within the deep,
Fight free of the evil,
Hear the chosen speak.
Cast the demons to darkness,
Deep inside the soul,
Hiding secrets of the mind,
And fears to stay untold.
Eyes are shuttered windows,
Sheltering the soul,
Hiding peices of the heart,
That long now to be whole.
Take my hand and spread your wings,
From this darkness with me fly,
Eternal flame is unending hope,
For eternal flames cannot die.
Take with me this broken path,
That few desire to tread,
Share with me the inner dark,
The demons in your head.
Angels can slay demons,
and coax broken wings to fly,
but only the broken can fix the heart,
No matter how much the healed would try.
Darkness had no dominion,
Inside the realms of light,
But deep inside the shadows waken,
Testing their gaining might.
Slowly breaking through the bonds,
The shadows slowly creep,
slipping through the fading dark,
And drifting from the deep.
Shades and wraiths, and conqured fears,
Slowly stir to life,
Raging deep inside the heart,
Filled with hate and strife.
Eternal flame become the sword,
To fight the darkened shades,
To cast the darkness from the heart,
and light the dark-filled ways.
Only then light heals the heart,
And only then the demons flee,
So open wide your broken wings,
Then come and fly with me.

This is a tribute to a dear friend of mine. I hadn't talked to her for a time before I wrote it, but when she told me about what had been going on with her since we'd last spoken, I realized that it fit her life. So I changed it's name from broken wings to Kotori's Song. She loves music, and Kotori is Japanese for little song-bird.

It didn't go with Irony, so I made it stand alone. Hope you liked it, and Review, please.

Lady Foeseeker