Imagination and Mood in Landscape Painting:

Painting its own
a fully respected genre,
eclipsed beginning
taste favored composition
painting leading painters
their art regarded,
aesthetic inspired
"picturesque" worthy,
they considered,
picturesque sensitive,
vistas, viewers mood,
poetry, provides
nature, poets and artists
this manner,
spiritual, moral,
painting effective commentary
conditions appear normal,

disappearing paternalism
artist family was
many painted
family's near
landscapes, scenes, nature,
workers, tedious nostalgia,
naturalistic, renders works
in tone, a kindred
artists revealed
for feeling.

Landscapes, landscape, temples?
Themselves reverential
demands viewers silence
filled divine
like a solemn requiem
under sky,
leafless oaks.


a meditation on human mortality,
or morality?
Ask my self,
choose death, a grave subject,
for paintings of time?


Skeletal trees, death wrought a snow covered chapel, the clearstory
worn heavy now by Man's sleepless need for confinement in himself, and by
the acts of those confinements to acquire more room for confinement. The
procession I see plodding slowly, Clydesdales in the snow banks, carrying a
pine coffin, their hoods pulled against Winters fingers, inch into the
cemetery that was once holy. Battered cross headstones lay in the buttery
soft snow, urging the procession onward, to not pause not to stop. Above,
Madonna cries aloud for her child will come to her bosom once more, but no
longer of the flesh. The gold coin behind her head flakes its iridescent
gold leaf, peeling as lead based paint might after decades of weather.
Tears for the Monks?