I gaze outwards towards the sea
And look upward into the crystal blue skies
Inhaling the morning breeze
A day so beautiful
But marred with pain
And so I hang my head

In my arms
I hold a basket
Filled to the brim
With white and pink rose petals
The scent is intoxicating
The essence so beautiful

As I stand at the edge of the cliff
I toss handfuls into the winds
One for you, who meant so much
Two for you, to give you strength
Three for you, to sit with God
Four for you, for loving me

And so I toss
Till the basket is empty
I look at the scene before me
The winds blow more fiercely
Not one petal has fallen to the ground

They all swirl in the air
A whirlwind of love
And then a final gust
They fly towards the heavens
And I smile
Because he heard my blessings

And he says thank you...