No earth, no sky,
No moon, no stars;
Only darkness, only hollowness,
Eternal and empty.

What was life without you?
I was suspended in this void,
Frozen in nothing,
With nothing but a frozen heart.
I was alone, untouchable.
In this prison of darkness,
I always dreamt
Of finding something more,
But I never knew which way to go.
What was life without you?

It all changed when you came.
Your light entered my darkness,
But I thought you were just another dream,
A phantom laughing at my emptiness.
You journeyed closer and closer to my heart
Until I could no longer ignore your brilliance,
So bright that I wanted to look away,
But could not bring myself to lose you.
Your eyes held mine,
Held me in an embrace
So strong, so warm
That it broke my prison
And freed my heart.
I was suddenly standing in the sun,
The waves of Eternity swept the shore,
Swept the sands of time
From beneath my feet.
Now that you have held me,
I know I can never go back,
I will never go back
To a life without you.