Lately I've been thinking,
Thinking about life.
About what everything means,
About what's going to happen.
You should live in the moment,
Cause you're never gonna live in it again.
A second ago,
I could've done something,
Something that might mean so much more,
Something to stop what's going to happen to me in the future,
But I didn't.
And I'll never know if I could have changed where I'm going,
From something I did,
Something I said,
A second ago,
A minute ago,
An hour ago,
A day ago,
You get my point.
We all will die,
We just don't know when.
Any moment could be our last,
Any moment we could not be here.
Is there life after death?
Or is it just darkness,
Do you know you're dead?
Do you know anything?
Or do you just rot away?
Does your spirit go to heaven or hell?
And if you go to hell,
Why is it so bad if you're already dead?
Will these questions ever be answered?
Will anyone ever live to tell what its like after death?
Days seem so long when you're young,
Years seem like eternity.
I took that for advantage.
Some people say,
That I'm too young to understand,
Just how it feels to know you only have so much time to live.
But I understand.
I know that if one minute ago I was thirteen, and now I'm fifteen,
That it wont take long to get to twenty,
Which will become thirty,
And so on.
I'm not scared of death,
I realize that it's everyone's fate.
What I'm really scared of,
Is growing old.

.:a/n:. Yep, just a mess of my thoughts right now and over the past few