This is not a romance novel situation

Where hate-morphed




Simmers just below the

Calm surface.

No, we've got lust

Masqueraded in abhorrence

Frantic just-can't-get-enough

We've got all out war

Breaking just beneath our skins

And we do the best

We can to tame it.

The pure reject you because

You are tainted, black shot with red-gold

The evil throw you away like so much trash because

You aren't all there.

And I am the One messenger of Light

SoCal Barbie crossed over with

Joan of Arc, come to save my

Homeland, Modern one woman

Police force.

We were never supposed

To meet. Never supposed to speak

Except maybe if I died by

Your painted red hands

(the gasoline just stings)

We were never meant

To feel anything besides hatred

Never supposed to fall in love

And we didn't, just you

Only I think I just many