I wrote this to this girl who said some unpleasant things to me.  I just hit something rough, and this girl's comments helped me in no ways.  Oh well…C'est la vie!  Anyway, I decided to…sporadically post this?  Yeah, pretty much.  Perhaps if she ever gets online, she'll read this and learn to be more considerate of others' feelings.


I see you laughing at me when tears stream down my face.

How do you sleep at night?  A tape that locks you in a case?

A case that no one can reach you through, alone with your thoughts?

I've always said we're always alone, that's one thing I've always taught.

I stare into your eyes and see such hatred like never before,

I only wish I could understand you, if only a little bit more.

After all I've been through, that you still have that audacity

To say things you are not sure of, it is you that I pity.

You point at me and giggle behind your almond-brown hair.

You're just like everyone else, you laugh and you stare.

And yet the one word you utter to me with the up most confidence

Is "coward." I begin to cry and you say it makes no sense.

"Why should you be crying when I just want you to talk to me?"

You ask, and I answer, "Like hell you do, you just want your glory."

It's true, we both know, that you only care about yourself,

So you look down upon the rest of us, from that pedestal on the shelf.

I tell you that the three most important things to me are gone,

You act like you never asked, like you were the important one.

Your word tears at my heart and yet I have to wonder,

If you are the one that has drowned, that's being pulled under.

You ask me where I was, you pry into the life of me,

And with a sad smile, I've learned to answer, "I was busy."

But I'm through with you now, I can't stand to hear your voice.

It seems to me that you're the one that has to make a choice.

You can learn to be kind and learn forgive and learn to understand,

That the world doesn't revolve around you, no one's holding your hand.