I'm the weakest I've been in months
I can't hold myself back from anything
The words flow out
Bad and good
Losing best friends
Gaining no new
I'm sorry to say it
But I just don't care anymore
I wish I could regret it
But I couldn't care less anymore
You may want me to care
But the truth is
I just can't
I can't care anymore
It hurts too much
I've hid my pain for so long
And it came out today in a single breath
A single elongated breath
That probably hurt you more than it hurt me
It eased the pain just like morphine
I need some now
I need to get my mind off this
I need to be less sadistic
I need to be more optimistic
I need to forget this shit
I need to get over it
It's old news
Last month's paper
Front page
But still last month
You know that if it happens again
Your karma will catch up with you
Let it be
Let it free
Leave yourself
Don't do it again
With the same old friend
And cause loved ones pain
Do me pain again
You'll lose a friend
Sorry but it's the truth
You'll lose a friend
You'll lose the past
The end could be near
So live it while it lasts