My heart lies in the water
As it thought our love could never falter.
It dreamt of happy days with you beside me,
But now, that dream has to be set free.
Because I fell on the first hurdle, and you said no.
And now there has never been a story of more woe.

I force myself to walk away from the wooden steps
And turn away from the pond.
Now, I wish I could just die, like i have inside.
I wish I had a magic wand,
So I can make the pain go away.
My heart drowns in sorrow in the pond behind.
Never have I been so hurt:
The image of your face burns in my mind.

You see, I love you, but you found another
And told me that you'll never see me as a lover
But instead, you have treated me like a big brother.
You were always the one I wanted to woo.
The only one I ever loved, was you.
Now, my false hopes have turned me blue.

'Let's just stay as friends', you me,
But I'll never stop thinking of you as the one.
Because you are the most perfect girl I ever met.
The damage inside now can never be undone.

Please, my love, don't feel down
And please undo your little frown.
you don't need to pretend that you care.
I know you never will, your heart was never here.